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Frequently Asked Faiyth Questions(FAFQ):

Why is Faiyth obsessed with gowns?
Imagine it from my perspective. I was raised by kobolds, which means I never had any fine things such as pretty gowns or jewelry. My first encounter with fine things was of a lady in a beautiful crimson gown, and I got obsessed. I wanted what she had. I wanted fine gowns! I grew up wearing a dirty orange frock around, so fine things are my obsession. I want to be a lady, because I don't picture myself as one. And one way to be a lady would be to have lots of fine clothes. So I've been collecting for that reason, and because of my obsession.

Why gowns, why not jewelry, or skirts?
Because the first real lady I saw was wearing a gown and it was the thing that stuck out the most to me. So now gowns to me are the definition of a lady. I want so very much to be a lady that gowns are very important to me. Everyone has a "symbol" of what they feel they want to be or want to become. I want to become a lady, and gowns are my way to that end.

What's with your love of Pegasus?
Tonis' symbol is the pegasus and I respect him for his wisdom, daring, speed and determination. I also respect him for his childlike appearance and ability to undo anyone with his speed. He reminds me of myself in a way, of course he is much faster and daring then I could ever be, but I too am kind and like to help people like Tonis does. I am also very determined and daring in my pursuit to become a lady, Tonis is very special to me. I believe Tonis was the one who came to me in my grandest need, when I had no true friends other than Chase. He was my first true friend when I moved out of the kobold village, even if he came as a pegasus. He has since moved on to inspire faith in other individuals, but he will always be something important to what I have become in my life. He wasn't really a pet as much as a friend, my only pet would be Wiggley my pet weasel. He stays in my house most days, as he has a bit of a problem not biting people.

Pegasus aren't real! You couldn't have riden a pegasus!
But I did, and there are such things as pegasus. There are thousands of creatures out there, who's to say we have discovered them all yet? Besides,Tonis' symbol is a pegasus. So I would say there ARE such things as pegasus. Perhaps they only appear to people in need, people who are in need of faith, or maybe just young maidens? One can never know why I saw a pegasus and you didn't, but they exist, and perhaps if you are ever in need of their support you shall see one too.

Are you on the Kobolds side or ours? In a kobold invasion, who would you side with?
How silly! I don't think I'll answer this question as it might cause problems and perhaps get me thrown in jail for treason. I love my Kobold family, but I also love my gowns and the Landing. If there were a way to have both.... nevermind I won't answer this.. it's too troubling.

What's your favorite color?
Purple, blue, green, pink, black, white, yellow, orange... hehe.. all colors! Any color a gown comes in is my favorite color. Purple would probably be my MOST favorite, but I love all colors, because gowns come in all colors.

How did you grow up into such a fashionable, beautiful lady if you were raised by kobolds?
Why thank you! I've tried my entire life to be the picture of ladydom. There are of course a few places where I just can't succeed in that endeavor however, and since you asked I'll tell you where I am NOT a lady.

  • In my speaking, I have a hard time with specific words. I can sing them, write them, but pronouncing them is hard. You guys make it very difficult for a girl!
  • Relationships.. I've been through way way to much to believe in relationships. People can be your friends, but if you let them too close they'll only hurt you. It's best to use a man and keep feelings completely out of it.
  • Foods.. Come on I grew up eating whatever I found. Which would consist of many gross items. Rare usually.. so I eat some weird things..
  • In my constitution.. it takes a lot to gross me out. I lived in a hovel in the mud.. so I don't get grossed out easily. I probably never will be grossed out easily.
  • In my use of inappropriate language.. I will swear like a sailor.. probably because my father was a pirate. I can act very unladylike at times..
  • Dancing.. I can't dance, I've had a few lessons but it's just so hard to dance.. all those movements are hard to remember!

Have you ever been in love?
Unfortunately I have been in love before, yes. It didn't work out though so I guess that also shaped who I am today. I don't really take too much seriously..

What are you most afraid of?
Besides having my dresses burned to a crisp or someone I'm friends with dying? Love.. definately love. I don't want to ever put myself in the situation where my heart and feelings are in the control of someone else. They'll only end up hurting you. Love is a silly childish fantasy, it's better to never love and be safe the rest of your life. I'm likely more afraid of falling in love than even losing all my gowns or having friends die. I'm terrified of it.

How do you feel towards your father?
I hate him. He killed my mother and is trying to kill me! What feelings could I have for him other then loathing? He's a horrible man and I hope you never have to met him! If I ever catch him unaware, he's dead.

What are your pet peeves?
I can't stand stuck up people. I'm doing my best here to be a lady, just because you think your the best thing since bread doesn't mean that I am any less better then you. I just haven't had as much time to perfect my wonderfulness. Another thing I can't stand is people who are really really serious, life is fun! Laugh about it! Enjoy it!

What is your ideal man?
Probably tall dark and handsome. Yeah yeah.. I know everyone says that. I have a attraction to pirates and roguish looking men. I think it stems from my father being a pirate, I just am attracted to roguish men. He'd probably have dark hair.. maybe even be a rogue. He'd be roguish to a fault... Not evil.. just roguish. Like stealing, have a crude sense of humor, wear alotta dark colors. Someone who can keep me on my toes and make me laugh... not giggle.. laugh..

Do you have any arch enemies or things you hate?
Roltons.. I hate roltons, those wooly little beasts were always trying to invade my Kobold clan. They are horrible beasts and should be slaughtered every last one of them. I don't know if I could do it myself.. as I'm rather nonviolent, but I wish I could!

I have a lasso, a wide brimmed hat and I say "I reckon" alot, are you interested in a date?
Ohhhhh yeah! I'm very interested in a date. I have a thing for rugged men with wide-brimmed hats and lassos.. Feel free to come visit me in Helga's tavern.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Why.. a wood chuck would chuck as much as he could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. Do I win a fabulous prize?


What do you think Faiyth's Biggest Fault is?
Her faith in the goodness of people. She's naive and easily convinced of untruths. If the right person came along they could almost hijack Faiyth and make her a slave of themselves because she would trust that they would never be out to harm her. I am personally afraid that a agent of her father Teron will one day enter her life under the guise of a friend and will either murder her or convince her to come with them on a "trip" in which they would deliver her straight to her father.

What characters in Faiyth's Story are still available if I wanted an idea for a character?
There are many different people in Faiyth's life that would make excellent character ideas.

  • Teron - Grey, blue or black eyes, dark brown, black or perhaps grey hair. Rather handsome in looks, very fit. Inherently evil, follower of darker forces, he is convinced he can never be defeated and that his will is law. He's heartless and very clever. He is strong and a great sea captain. He's a very infamous pirate. I would envision him as a sylvan or perhaps a sea elf. He would most likely be a rogue. But if you want to take his character and make it your own your welcome to.
  • Chase - Nice in disposition, kind, handsome, light brown or dark blonde hair, green or blue eyes. I envision him as a wizard or ranger. Perhaps even a rogue. He's from a high family, a elf of course. He's probably prejudice against any none elves. He would have a good heart but would be a victim of his own arrogance as well.
  • Jemerra - Remarkably beautiful, black hair, green or blue eyes. I did not get into her story very much just that she had a love with Chase at some point, it does not mean she is still in a relationship with him. She could be taken from her looks and slight bit of story and turned into a very nice person or even a stuck up person. She'd definitely be a elf, maybe dark or sylvan. I'm not sure. If you want to take Jemerra then make her your own.
  • Teron's Shipmates - There are many characters that can be created off of Terons life. He definitely has many disowned sons and daughters that could be created. I do have one character that is the daughter of one of Teron's disowned sons. She ended up being rather sinister truthfully. You could spin a story off one of his offspring pretty easily. I've often hoped that I'd have the time to create a seprate character who would be a ship mate of Terons and be stationed to get Faiyth's trust and then perhaps kidnap her or the such.
  • If I wanted to start a storyline with you or try and kidnap Faiyth could I?
    I'm always up for some roleplay, so definitely, just AIM me and I'll be happy to make Faiyth kidnappable.

    Will Faiyth ever turn away from gowns?
    If she finally realizes that clothes don't make a lady, she might.

    At her age shouldn't Faiyth have grasped common language?
    Maybe, but she never left the kobold village until she was already ingrained so she hasn't had that much time really to learn. She's only been away from the kobold village a few years, which gives her more time as a kobold then as an elf. Besides, she had no idea things were so different through the lands. She only had the kobold village to compare to. She also has a rebellious streak in her, she doesn't want to completely abandon her kobold heritage. Her kobold family speaks that way, and so shall Faiyth.

    What's with the interest in rugged men with lasso's and wide brimmed hats?
    Rugged is something Faiyth would be interested in because of her association with Pirates, I just grouped cowboyish men in with that because they have the same look. I've seen lasso's in the lands, and there are saddles and saddle bags in the game as well. Cowboys wouldn't be so out of place. Especially in the landing. They wouldn't be "called" cowboys.. but the look wouldn't be out of place.

    Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Kelly Hamilton (www.fernblossom.com)
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