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Hi there!

I live in Oregon and have a number of pets. I have two dogs; beagle & jack russell.

I've lived in Oregon my entire life and at one point wanted to move. As time has gone by and I've grown up I've realized how much I truly love it here. We have everything.. beaches, snow covered mountains, deserts (the sandy kind), even tropical forests and treeless fields. We've so many terrain types! I work making web pages and have been doing that since 1999. I also do some web design on the side for myself and for family and friends (if that isn't obvious by this site).


I play Faiyth and a few others. I've been playing Gemstone for a while now, I started back on AOL when it use to cost per hour/minute. I was about 15 at that point..

I work long hours and I'm on pacific time so that leaves me playing primarily on weekends and evenings on weekdays.

Wanna hear more? AIM me. I'm always available to chat... That is, unless I'm busy writing another novel. ;)

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