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  Creative Writing and Stories!

  • Drowning pain
    Loss and pain. End date? Never.
    Realization of traditions lost forever.
    My sense of self? Completely shattered.
    Sadness abounds. My world is in tatters.

    Darkness and gloom is all that surrounds,
    Feelings of fear and loneliness abounds.
    Where is the light, the sun I used to know?
    Who took it away and buried it deep below?

    How can I find the warmth and smile from within?
    When will I look up and see the sun again?
    For now the sadness seeps through my veins,
    The tears fall down like frigid rains.

    Someday the light will come back to stay,
    But for now I just hope to make it through today.

  • Fuck you
    Where were you when I needed you?
    What a piece of shit you turned into.
    You taught me a lesson I値l always know.
    Your fickle, selfish nature is all you show.

    So as I break to pieces and fall apart,
    I値l know I could never reach your heart
    So forget you left me in such tatters,
    And I値l forget you ever even mattered.

    I wish you only the very worst,
    May your dreams fall to the dirt.
    May you never amount to a fucking thing.
    And I hope you choke when you try to sing.

    I知 over you now, once and for all.
    My care for you is void and null.
    So this is my finally fuck to you.
    I値l be fine, we池e finally through.
  • Why
    Why do I love you?
    Why can't I move on?
    Why do I think of you after so long?
    Why is everyday a mix of memories, of things we've said and shared?
    Why do I keep thinking about you?
    Why when I'm in the arms of passion is it your name on my lips?
    Why do I linger over each picture of you?
    Why do I think of you so often?
    Why is every thought of you filled with a mixture of hope, disgust, love and disappointment?
    Will it get better soon?
    Will I get better soon?
    Can I let go and forget?
    Will something else take your place in my heart?
    Will I ever be able to focus again without you coming to mind?
    When will you stop mattering?
    When will I be whole again without you?
    How do I stop grieving our friendship?
    How do I stop wanting to just say hi?
    When will my hopes stop being dashed each time you don't call or message?
    When will my heart stop leaping when you do?
    Will you ever just let me go?
    When will you let me live again?
  • For Kylie (my daughter)
    May you find happiness in all that you do,
    May the secret dreams held in your heart come true,
    May everything you touch turn to gold,
    May you gain wisdom from all you are told,
    May you have the confidence to gain extraordinary heights,
    May you look on the bright side when things don't always go right,
    May you find love and acceptance from all those you know,
    May you find that your confidence and understanding always grow,
    When you reach for the moon, may you land among the stars,
    May you always be amazed by the sights, whereever you are,
    May you be ready and willing to take on each day,
    But For now, Kylie, have a happy birthday!
  • Whiplash
    Over and under and sharp left and right,
    Our friendship is a horrid mixture of happiness and strife,
    One minute we're awesome and everything's gold,
    The next it's all silence and you act so damn cold,
    The whiplash from trying to be your good friend,
    Is making me nauseous and has to someday end,
    Are we friends or enemies today? I can hardly even tell,
    It's like I'm riding a rollercoaster straight from hell,
    One minute we're close and I feel so very secure,
    The next I have to pretend and act so demure,
    So friends or enemies, what are we today?
    I'm tired of waiting for you to finally just say...
    If we're not friends, just tell me and be a man,
    Just say so I can move on and stop trying to understand.
    Let me off this stupid and endless rollercoaster ride,
    The whiplash is just not something I can continue to survive.
    So which is it? Just tell me now. Tell me today.
    And then we can just deal with the fall out however we may..

  • Rolton Romp
    Alone on a hillside, chewing cud,
    a serene looking rolton stands alone in the mud,
    with plush white wool and misty brown eyes,
    He stands there watching the pale moon rise.

    In a huge explosion of woolen parts and hooves,
    rolton bits sail off to land on distant roofs.
    In the spot where the rolton had once been,
    now stands a kobold with a devilish grin.

    He gives a quick wink and a resounding cackle,
    then darts away like a feral jackal.
    He leaps and bounds down the rolling valleys,
    His devilish smile meeting those of hundreds of allies.

    They all swear and yell out hip horray!
    for the glorious job they've done today.
    they wobble around carrying rocks on their shoulders,
    then load them onto a growing pile of boulders.

    One by one they load the rocks onto their catapult,
    once again ready to begin their hilarious assault.
    Far in the distance they a spy a rolton chewing,
    then moments later his guts are spewing.

    The kobolds clap their claws at the fabulous fun!
    Then load up another boulder because they're not quite done.
    Piles of white wool scatter the distant hillside,
    not even one rolton seemed to be able to hide.

    "Nice job Blargh!" One grubby kobold exclaimed!
    Then the rest clap and dance for roltons they've maimed.
    The kobolds wobble back home, with not a speck of sorrow.
    To dream about the fun they'll be having tomorrow.

  • A Murder is a Murder
    If I came to kill you in your own home,
    and murdered you when you dared to roam,
    If I massacred your family before your very eyes,
    would you call me strong and would you call me wise?

    Then do not ask me to care for you!
    when killing my family, is what you do!
    These kobolds are my clansmen and my friends,
    and yet you feel you should say when their life ends,

    Do you realize the heartless creature that you seem?
    To come into our homes and kill our dreams?
    You swing your axe and kill anyone you find,
    When I cry out in horror, you think I've lost my mind.

    But who is the murderer between all of us here?
    Who's the one covered in blood up to their ear?
    Maybe you should have stopped and used your head,
    Before ventureing into our village and leaving everyone dead.

    We are not animals to be hunted and killed,
    These are families and friends, who's fate you've sealed.
    Such sensless violence and hatred you have brought,
    to our village where love and peace is sought!

    You've come to kill them in their home,
    you murder them when they dare to roam,
    You sacrifice their families before their eyes.
    Now why should I call you strong or wise?

  • Shopping til I drop
    Sitting here in the empty shop,
    hoping a merchant just might stop,
    and tailor a gown or three or four,
    even though I'd love a whole lot more.

    I've shopped all day, and most the night,
    My legs are aching and my back hurts a mite,
    my bags are full and my notes are low,
    but the goods are worth it I'll have you know.

    There is just one thing missing from this day,
    and that would be a gown made my very own way,
    I'd love something in mulberry and snow white,
    perhaps with ruffles and a bodice that's tight.

    I've shopped throughout the entire day,
    my bones are weary, my joints will pay,
    and even though I'm tired and so horribly sore,
    I can't wait for tomorrow so I can shop some more.

  • Thrown Away
    I feel so locked up and thrown away,
    Like nothing I do or even say,

    I have no where I can call my own,
    and no one I can say I've known.
    I couldn't be sadder..

    No parents who will hold me tight,
    no memories to make cloudy days bright..
    I'm so alone..

    So on my own! Sometimes I wish I could just fly away, so far away..
    but I just can't seem to gain the strength to leave today.
    I just can't fly away...

    I wish I had wings so I could fly on wings so strong,
    and nothing would ever be this wrong..
    all the hurt would just go away,
    if I could fly away today.

  • Oh soap, Oh soap!
    Oh soap, Oh soap,
    how can it be,
    that you keep me clean,
    so faiythfully.

    With yellow film,
    and soapy smells,
    you bubble my skin,
    and clean my nails.

    You turn dirty to clean,
    and rinse away grim,
    you keep me clean,
    and you make me shine.

    Foam and suds,
    oh how can it be!
    that you keep me clean,
    so faiythfully!

    A whiff of pine,
    some greenish dye,
    and now it's time,
    for the dirt to say goodbye!

    Oh soap oh soap,
    what a fabulous thing,
    it foams and bubbles,
    and it keeps you clean!

    A better shower buddy,
    you'll never find,
    don't need the sponge,
    no need to stratch and grind.

    Just rub and shrub,
    until you shine,
    you'll be so clean,
    you'll even smell like pine!

  • I'm Sorry I Loved You
    I'm Sorry....
    that the sun set in your eyes,
    your voice made the moon rise,
    and now no matter what I do,
    I'm always going to love you..

    You made such a perfect friend,
    to each and every end.
    but I went and fell for you,
    now no matter what I do,
    I'm always gonna love you..

    I know that now your scared,
    and I know you never cared,
    I was just a bit of fun,
    underneath the sun,
    just a bit of fun...

    And I'm sorry...
    that the sun set in your eyes,
    your voice made the moon rise,
    and now no matter what I do,
    I'm always going to love you..

    Now that we're just friends,
    why can't the bitterness end?
    why won't you speak with me?
    Are you too upset to see?
    that I need you to set me free..

    Stories have been told,
    about me new and old,
    now you believe the lie,
    wonder why when you walk by,
    I fall upon my knees and cry...

    And I'm soooo sorry!
    that the sun set in your eyes,
    your voice made the moon rise,
    and now no matter what I do,
    I'm always going to love you..

    I sit and dream of you,
    and everything you do,
    about love and hurt alike,
    I feel so broken up inside.
    but I can't ever break your pride.

    Now I see the truth,
    you were lieing through each tooth.
    It tears me up inside to see,
    no matter how strong my love may be.
    Your never going to love me...

    And I'm so damned sorry!
    that the sun set in your eyes,
    your voice made the moon rise,
    and now no matter what I do,
    I'm always going to love you..

  • What do I wear!?!
    Yards of fabric everywhere!
    Just one problem, What do I wear?
    Greens, and Blues, and pinks and whites,
    but what do I wear to the ball tonite?

    A pale pink stole with a rich salmon wrap?
    A blue gown with a plush cobold hat?
    A burgundy ribbon and a impish smile?
    No, that's just a little to much wile.

    How about some petticoats of dark green?
    Nah, that green is the color of a spleen..
    Oh what oh what should I wear?
    Speaking of that, what should I do with my hair!?

    I guess I could go in flowing curls,
    or maybe I could tie it up in waving swirls.
    Dresses and gowns Everwhere!
    But what the heck do I wear?

    For the mulberry gown, I'm just too tall,
    I wonder if I could get away with wearing them all...
    How can I choose a favorite one,
    that just wouldn't be much fun!

    So I'll just grab one of each,
    green, blue, black, and even peach!
    No one will mind the rainbow girl,
    the one in the ravishing silver curls.

    But if someone should dare say I clash,
    With Faiyth, they'll have met their match.
    Because as I will always say,
    Faiyth will never clash, NO CHANCE! NO WAY!

  • Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Kelly Hamilton (www.fernblossom.com)
    You see Faiyth.
    She appears to be a Dark Elf.
    She is of petite stature and appears to be young and sprightly. She has thickly lashed almond-shaped misty lilac eyes and flawless petal-soft caramel toned skin. She has long, vibrant, multi-toned silver hair tumbling down to her thighs in a cloud of tousled loose curls. She has a triangular face accentuated by high cheekbones. She has generous, heart-shaped lips that boast a natural raspberry pigment.
    a bottom line