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21-year-old Mason Grey has a secret, one he's never told anyone.

By day Mason is a popular, athletic football star on the university football team. He's got a hot cheerleader girlfriend and more friends then he needs. So many, in fact, that he can't remember all their names. He throws killer parties, ones people would kill to attend.

By night Mason roams the grimy streets of the city, preying on the scum of the earth. He's never killed anyone who didn't deserve it. But he's murdered thousands throughout his 21 years. And he has to continue killing if he doesn't want to lose his unique ability. He's able to shift into any animal shape, though his favorite is a 100lb puma.

But when an innocent is murdered and the death is credited to him, he'll have to jump into action and find out who actually did the deed. Otherwise his sterling record for being the "good guy" will be ruined.

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