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A Pirates Life is NOT For Me: (Faiyth's Parents)

The wind blew menacingly over the water that day, a cool breeze nipping at the crewmen's reddened faces. Captain Teron squinted against the bright horizon as he surveyed the land ahead. They had a grand day ahead of them, he thought, they were going to finally raid the Riverton village. It would provide much riches and treasure, for this clan was well known for their wealth. Teron could barely wait to sink his blade deep into the constable of the town's pumping heart. The two of them had been drinking buddies a long time ago, and the constable had swindled a good deal of money from Teron. Eyes fell upon the shore as it grew in the distance. Tiny bodies danced about the beach, calling orders and warnings of the approaching pirate's ship. Teron only smirked to himself, knowing they wouldn't be able to defend against his surprise attack, he was convinced he would be the winner today. A loud screeching sound rung out as the large ship ground up upon the shore. Teron bellowed the order to attack, warning the band of cutthroats to be merciless in their plundering of this town. They leapt from the ship with blades drawn, attacking anyone who dared to even look at them. As the day progressed and the battle hardened, the pirates found their victory among the bloody battlefield. Slain bodies littering the ground all around them. Only two of the pirates rank had been killed, while hundreds of the Riverton Clan had been killed and a handful captured. Teron was pleased with their escapade, for they had claimed more then the entire bands weight in silver, slaves and bags of valueable trinkets.

Teron counted all the prisoners, happy that they had been able to round up some slaves and torture victims from the town of Riverton. He separated the captives into two groups, the men in one group and the women in another. All of the women were hoarded into the storage room down below, while the men were kept above to suffer the elements. Teron didn't care what happened to the men. They might as well kill themselves or jump overboard out of desperation, because he surely didn't want them aboard, they after all were the enemy.

Teron was very anxious at dinner meal, he recognized the excitement that raced through the crews veins as they waited to finally get their turns down in the storage room with the women. It had been a long time since the men had been able to have a female to warm their arms. Teron was no different, he was hungry for a woman and was having a hard time concentrating on the food.

Down in the storage room the women huddled together, fearing for their very existence. They knew what would happen when the door to the storage room opened. They had heard the snickering from the crew and seen their smirks as they had shoved the women down into the cramped room. A young lady named Meerkit Mennious was huddled down in the group, trying to appease the women with gentle words and soothing touches, but she too was frightened. She had never been a captive before, and she decided she definitely didn't like it.

It wasn't much later that the door finally opened, announcing their appending doom. A large frame entered the room, his hair was ruffled and his face had the stubble of many days at sea. His face could have been described as roughly handsome if his features weren't so filled with hatred. His grey eyes gleamed coldly, appraising each woman slowly, with no modesty in them. Meerkit knew this man as the pirates captain, because they seemed to have obeyed him at a single glance. His heated glare told them exactly what he planned to do to one of them. They all cringed as his cruel eyes passed over them and fell upon Meerkit's violet ones, his dark smile suddenly turned vicious as he appraised her dainty little frame. He strode up to her meaningfully and grabbed her arm, while the other women dashed to get away from him. He yanked her up and dragged her out of the cramped area and down the hall to his room. She dragged her feet and fought him for all she was worth, trying to escape, but he only snickered and picked her up. He then dropped her into his bed, not even bothering to close the door before he began to enjoy the plunders of the days battle.

Meerkit was sore the next morning, she had never felt so dirty in her life. She huddled with the other women who must have felt used and filthy as well. She wished she could just die. They all sat quietly in the room, huddled in a close circle while no one uttered a sound.

Six months they stayed in that room, barely ever seeing the sky, eating only what the pirates threw at them after dinner. They were continuously used, and felt much like animals in a cage. They hated the feeling, and many had even committed suicide out of the pain and torment. Meerkit tried to stay strong for the women sake, she needed to keep their spirits high and their hearts lively enough to watch for the chance to escape. Meerkit was heavy with child now, so she was pretty well left alone, Teron and the other pirates had just moved on to using the other women instead. She wondered what the pirates would do with her child, she most certainly would not be allowed to keep it. She rocked herself in the corner, her arms around her legs. She needed to escape this place, she just had to before they could hurt her baby. Whether or not it was a baby made from a man she never wanted, it was still a part of her and she still would love it, because it was all she had.

Meerkit's chance didn't come for another 3 months, right after the baby had been born. The pirates didn't yet know because the women had always hidden her when the pirates had come in to grab their bedmate for the evening. Meerkit had a plan, she was going to sneak out that night and then climb into one of the little wooden boats and escape. She didn't care where she escaped to, she just had to get away.

As dusk fell that night she wrapped her baby in a dirty blanket and snuck through the storage room door. She crept slowly up the stairs and onto the deck, squinting against the darkness, trying to make out the locations of the night watch. The night masked her movements as she climbed into a small boat and fumbled with the ropes, trying to untie them. She surveyed the boat deck again to make sure no one had come while she was busy with the rope. She was almost done with the rope when she heard a voice from behind her.

"Can I help you untie that?"

Meerkit already knew that voice, it made cold hate and dread form in her heart.

Teron looked her over with a smirk, her large bulging belly was gone and in her hands was a small bundle. Teron whipped the bundle away from her in an instant, startling the tiny baby inside to crying. The shrill voice made Meerkit grimace, shattering her hopes as his smirk grew.

"So the little bundle finally has been born. I would have been sure you would have told me, seeing as I'm the father."

Teron looked at the small bundle, his eyes absent of any feeling as he surveyed the tiny infant.

Meerkit just stared at him with disbelief and fear. She didn't know what to do, had she not had a baby she would have jumped into the sea and taken her chances with drowning, to just be free of these terrible pirates.

Teron grabbed Meerkit with his other arm, dragging her out of the boat and back onto the deck. He then yelled up at his night watch for having let the little trouble maker escape the storage room. He dragged her back down the stairs and shoved her into the storage room, closing the door behind her and locking it. She pounded on the door as it shut behind her, screaming for him to give her baby back.

Teron lifted the blanket and looked down at the baby girl, shaking his head.

"There's no place on a pirate ship for a baby girl.. She'll be of no use to pirates." Teron said, his voice loud enough for Meerkit to hear. He heard her crying and wailing from the other side of the door and smirked to himself. He strode up the stairs and went to the deck. He gazed over the railing, trying to decide how to dispose of the child. The churning ocean below called for the child, but Teron didn't feel right throwing his child into the sea, some strange bond came over him for the child, and he didn't like it. He decided that when the sun rose the next morning he would beach and leave the child on the shore.

The sun rose mournfully that morning, hesitating against the sky as if already knowing the appending doom hanging in the air. Teron disembarked the ship on a deserted cove, and gazed upon the busy city. The child would most certainly find a home here. He strode through the town and was surprised how many people didn't even give him a second look. He was amused by the abundance of people in this town, he walked right by the jail and then moot hall on his way to the town well. He marveled at a large tree that grew in the middle of the town center. He thought silently about throwing the child from the tree above, but that didn't seem to be good enough for Captain Teron. So he continued to the town well, and glanced down over the rim. No one seemed to be watching and so, with hurried motions, he dropped the baby down inside, and headed back for his ship.

Teron watched from the railing of his ship as the town of Wehnimer's Landing grew faint in the distance. Now he'd have to punish that little wench downstairs for trying to escape. He shook his head with anger and strode down the stairs to the storage room, all the while a filthy smirk on his lips.

Kobold Clansmen: (How Faiyth Came to live with the Kobolds)

Down at the bottom of the well her father Teron had thrown her down, a goblin stared up at the bright opening at the top of the well, putting the stubbly face and messy hair of the strange pirate into his memory. He then glanced down in confusion at a tiny baby who wriggled inside a muddy blanket. He glanced around nervously and then scooped up the tiny thing, carrying it away with him as he and his team headed for the kobold village for their annual merchant trip. Kobolds were considered inferior to the Goblins. They were simple minded creatures that stunk of cabbage and were so intensely ugly, it almost hurt to look at them. The Goblin caravan carried rat furs, javelins, pet lizards, and many dirty sacks. They always seemed to get a great deal of silver from the kobolds village, today He hoped would be no exception. With another look at the little bundle in his arms, he ordered the caravan onward towards the village.

The head goblin growled in greetings to the head shaman of the kobold clan, Blarghe. Blarghe had a large scar on his left cheek and a fur-lined cane in his hand. He looked over the goblin merchants, grimacing at their greedy black eyes and then told his kobold children to look over the merchandise and tell him what they wanted. After much arguing and petty fights the kobolds decided they wanted some rat fur and a bundle of new javelins. The lead goblin was bundling up their purchases in gritty packages when a shrill cry came from within the wagon holding the remainder of the goods. Blarghe raised an eye at the goblins and limped towards the wagon. Peeking over the edge, he gazed in awe at the bundle inside, he remarked to himself that it must be a magic blanket to move so. He nervously pulled open the bundle and gawked as he stared into vivid violet eyes, the eyes of a small baby. Blarghe had never seen such a treasure! He grunted at the goblin leader and asked the price for the child. The goblin leader just shrugged and pointed at Blarghes staff. Blarghe shook his head, he wouldn't give his magic staff to the goblin leader, it had been in his family for years. He thought it over and decided that sometimes things had to change, and he was dieing of curiousity. He finally sighed and nodded at the lead Goblin, then motioned for the child. The baby was laid down in his claws and he gazed down at the child's face and silvery hair. He remarked silently on how the hair had an almost magic quality about it. It wasn't the normal silver hair he'd seen on the head of the aging, it was young and vibrant. Deep purple eyes peered up at him in confusion. He smiled fondly down at the baby, and her almond shaped eyes crinkled with approval.

Many years passed and the small baby grew quickly into a grown woman among the kobolds, learning their ways and language like a sponge. On her 100th birthday (she looked about 20 then) her kobold family presented her with her new name, Faiyth. As they had faith that she would teach the rest of the world that kobolds had feelings too.

Fashion Obsession: (Yep.. Why did Faiyth decide to dedicate her life to gowns?)

One summer Faiyth was allowed to go outside the village once and a while with war partying kobolds. They were at war with the rolton clan again and Faiyth was to negotiate surrender terms to the woolen creatures. She had decided long ago that she enjoyed living with the kobolds, they were very loving and cared very much for her, but there was still something missing. A voice always seemed to echo in her mind of a time long ago, the voice always said, "There's no place here for a baby girl.." She didn't know what it was, but she felt very out of place. It came to her one day as she was sitting on the cot in her hovel, she saw a finely dressed Lady wander in, her hair piled atop her head and a long flowing crimson gown hugging her small frame. Tiny jewels sung from her ears, while masses of bracelets hung from her wrists. She was a marvel, Faiyth thought, decked in beauty and glittering jewels. Faiyth was envious, she wanted so much to look like this woman, wanted so much to be able to wear such pretty things. Faiyth glanced down at her muddy feet and the dirty rag she wore as her frock. One day, she vowed to herself, she would own such lovely garments and dress with flare and fashion like this woman in front of her. The woman gazed down her upturned nose at Faiyth, grimacing in disgust as she pulled out a lace trimmed red parasol and swung around, her skirts parading out around her as she turned and sauntered out of the hovel without a second look. Faiyth was deeply hurt, it wasn't her fault she was a kobold, without silver enough to buy a clean frock.

Faiyth dragged somberly around the village the next couple weeks, deeply lost in thoughts about why she didn't look anything like her brothers and sisters and why she could not live in a world with frilly things and jewels that hung from everywhere on her. She silently wished that she had wings and were as fast as a horse, much like Tonis, so that she could just fly away and never come back. She had long ago given her trust to Tonis, who was one of the kobolds praised arkati.

A Man Apart: (How Faiyth got out of the Kobold Village)

One day Faiyth could no longer take the hurt that hung upon her heart and she asked Blarghe why she was so different. He reluctantly glanced at her, unsure whether he should share her ill fated childhood with her. He sighed and decided she could take it, so he told her about the stories the goblins had told him, about a man the head goblin had seen amidst the bright light at the top of the well. She could only assume that this man had been her father, but now she felt very alone. Dropped by her father into a well when she was but a baby, it was almost too morbid to think of. She ran quickly out of the room and threw herself down on her threadbare cot, crying forlornly. Where did she belong? If she didn't belong with the kobolds, then where? She shook her head and rested upon her cot in the hovel, wondering what a horrible mother she must have had to allow her own husband to throw their child down a well. The sound of someone clearing their throat startled her into audience, her eyes widened as she gazed upon a well dressed Lord, his trousers were etched with real gold and his shirts buttons where made from pure ivory. A small golden earring hung from one of his ears and gold inset boots adorned his feet. His face was dark against the light brown color of his well kept hair. Yet his green eyes were friendly and filled with not a speck of misfortune towards her. His face was gentle and very handsome as she smiled shyly at him and made an attempt at a curtsy. What a picture she must make, she thought, some lady she was; raised by kobolds and never having known a moment of finishing. She felt her cheeks grow warm with embarrassment as she glanced down at her muddy feet. The Lords eyes followed hers, but he only smiled at her. She muttered her name with a embarrassed smile, "Me name is Faiyth."

He smiled at her and bowed at the waist. "I'm Chase." His smile sent warm tingles to her cheeks as she stood there mutely. Chase looked over her dirty little form again with amusement. "What is a fine lady such as yourself doing in such a filthy kobold village?"

Faiyth started at him in confusion. Was she the fine lady he was talking about? She glanced behind herself, but found no one there. Her violet eyes swung back to lock with his, which were crinkled on the verge of laughter. "I lib here." She said as if was the most obvious thing in the world.

It was Chase's turn to be confused. She lived in this hovel? How could she possibly live around these horrid Kobold creatures? He felt immensely sorry for her. "You poor dear? Haven't you anywhere better to live then here in a village full of these furry demons?" Chase placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

Fearful violet eyes meshed with concerned deep green ones. "What demons?!?" Faiyth gasped.

"Why the Kobolds of course." He stated.

The fear in her eyes slowly melted as the realization hit her that he was talking about her family. Her family was not Demons, she thought angrily! "Me family does not be demons! Blarghe and his family are bery nice!" Her eyes sparkled with malice at him.

"Wow, wait a second here. You are family with kobolds!?" He laughed. "You're a kobold then?"

"Yes I be a Kobold, why would ye fink differently?" She stated.

Chase stepped extremely close to her, taking her shoulders gently in his hands. He gazed down at her thoughtfully and smiled. "Because you certainly don't look like a kobold. You're much too beautiful to be a kobold my dear." His finger slipped softly over her cheek.

Faiyth was barely paying attention to his attentive eyes anymore, she was too busy getting control of her senses with him so near. "..What do you mean?" She stammered.

Chase's eyes searched hers as his friendly smile returned. "Why you don't look anything like a kobold! Here look.." He stepped behind her so he could study her reaction as he held up a small silver mirror in front of her face. Faiyth stared into the mirror quietly. She'd seen her reflection before, she knew she was not exactly like her Kobold brothers and sisters. She looked much different, she thought as she examined her violet eyes in the mirror with wonder. She'd never seen herself like this before. She glanced in the mirror at the man behind her, realizing that she looked more like him then she did like her Kobold family. Was it possible she wasn't suppose be living with Kobolds, she wondered? She knew she wasn't really a kobold, and that she was whatever Chase was, but this raised more questions. Was she not suppose to be living with the kobolds?

Faiyth examined her long silver hair silently. She wondered if she inherited her eyes and hair from her father, or if it was from her mother. "I is not a Kobold," She stated sadly. "I knows dat.. but where does I belong den? If I'm not a kobold, where does I go?"

"You can go with me if you so desire, my dear." His eyes searched hers.

"Wif ye?" Faiyth was confused. She couldn't just leave like this. She liked this Lord, but she wasn't sure if he was safe. "I couldn't.."

"Of course you can. I have many rooms in my estate that your welcome to call your own if you'd like." Chase's features were sincere, but Faiyth was unsure.

"Ye go ahead and go wif em Faiyth." Blarghe spoke up from behind them. "Ye will always have a home wif us but ye gotta know where ye belong." Chase stared absently at Blarghe, having not understood what he said.

"He says I should go wif ye." Faiyth translated. "Forgive Blarghe, he's not bery good wif da language yet."

"Ohh kay.." Chase stared suspiciously at Blarghe, just waiting for the old man to attack him with the javelin attached to his hip. Faiyth sighed inwardly, noticing his unease. Chase glanced back at Faiyth, now a little impatient because he had an audience. "What do you say?"

Faiyth stepped back a moment to think it over. She wanted to know who she was, where she belonged. She had to find out where she belonged.. "I'll go." Faiyth said, "But ye hab to agree I can leave if I want ta."

Chase smiled. "Done. Come lets get your things together and be on our way."

Faiyth nodded and grabbed a tiny hideous green sack and started throwing her things into it, calling out each item as she packed it. "My ball of ear wax, rolton wool, my shoes made a' mud." Faiyth murmured as she stuffed her things in the bag.

Chase stared at her in disbelief and headed over to her, he gently touched her on the shoulder and took the bag from her. "On second thought just leave it all here. We'll get you new stuff." With that he threw the sack over his shoulder and took her hand.

"Wait! Dere's just one fing I must take absolutely." Faiyth yanked away from him and ran to the cot, reaching under it she pulled out a small muddy blanket. With that she hugged Blarghe until she thought he would pop and then hurried back over to Chase and took his hand. "Ready."

Chase eyed her for a moment as if she were crazy. "Alright.." He nodded at Blarghe and lead Faiyth out of the hovel. As they passed through the Kobold village Faiyth did her best not to cry. She was sure going to miss her brothers and sisters. She would come and visit them often she told herself. She would bring them information about the outside world so they would become smarter. Chase on the other hand was not thinking so fondly of the Kobold village, he was instead wondering why the heck this little mud dog of a woman lived with kobolds of all things.

Chase stopped suddenly not far out of the kobolds village. He whistled loudly, piercing the silence of the valley. Faiyth looked him over curiously then realized his reason for whistling when a brown stallion came out of the underbrush. His hooves clopped noisily as he moved in front of the two of them. Chase climbed onto the stallion and helped Faiyth on behind him. He smiled at her uneasiness, realizing she'd probably never been on a horse before. "Can he fly?" Faiyth mumbled.

Chase chuckled to himself before returning, "No, he's a horse not a bird."

Faiyth poked him in the back angrily. "Some horses can fly.."

Chase shook his head with amusement. "Yes, Pegasus can fly, but ol' Phillus is just a regular old horse."

Faiyth nodded at his answer with a smile. "See, you should'a just said dat instead'a making funna me."

Chase smiled back at Faiyth. "Maybe you shouldn't go around poking people." With that he gave her a wink and Phillus started galloping. It took a few seconds for Faiyth to get her balance and stop bouncing all over the place, which seemed to cause Chase even more amusement. The countryside was amazing outside the kobold village, Faiyth thought, the greens of the valley were so amazingly brilliant. She'd also never seen so many travelers as she caught sight of on the trail. She gazed happily into the sky and squealed her delight. Chase just shook his head as he chuckled at the crazy woman behind him.

As they approached the town gates Faiyth caught her breath, She'd never been to town before, and everything was so... big! The gate towering over the entrance to town was enormous. The people sitting around the inside of the gate were so many you could barely get between them. "Not many people here at this hour." Chase chimed in. Faiyth gawked from behind him, what would it look like with the normal amount of people? A young woman dressed to the brim in finery caught Faiyth staring at her from atop the horse and glared in return. Faiyth scooted closer to Chase in response. Chase had caught the woman glaring at his filthy little bundle and decided he should probably get her washed up and dress her in something decent. Not many women of town went about engorged in mud.

The First of Many (Faiyths FIRST gown!!)

Chase tied Phillus outside a small shop and opened the heavy walnut door for Faiyth as they stepped into the musty boutique. Chase felt a little out of place with all the frilly lace and puffed sleeves surrounding him, but Faiyth was in awe. She stood in the light from the doorway and just stared in delight. She ran over to a table filled with spun silk material and began rubbing the soft honey colored fabric against her cheek. "Wow! Dere sure are a lot of soft stuffs in here." Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she showed the dirtied piece of silk to Chase. He chuckled as she caught sight of the dirt now covering the precious material. She pouted quietly to herself as she gazed down at the wonderful color of the silk now marred by dirt.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" An old clerk said. He gazed at Faiyth from behind his thick glasses and smiled.

Chase bowed to the Clerk and motioned towards Faiyth. "We need to get this young lady a few gowns."

Faiyth beamed when she heard him. She was going to get a gown, maybe even two gowns! She, Faiyth, would be able to wear nice clothing! "Yes! Gowns wood be grate!"

The clerk looked her up and down and touched his finger to his lip, obviously lost in thought. "Maybe ivory and purple? Your eyes demand you wear something purple."

Faiyth nodded happily at that. "Yes, purple wood be fabulous." Chase watched her from the corner, marveling at her excitement over a gown.

The clerk nodded at Faiyth happily and disappeared into the store room, intent on finding something perfect for his customer. When he emerged a few moments later he held four different gowns in his hands. One was a petite ivory-hued gown traced with vibrant purple piping along the bottom of the full skirts, which Faiyth absolutely adored. The others were equally as amazing to Faiyth, each vibrant in coloring and exotic in their make. Chase suppressed a chuckle as he watched Faiyth drooling over the four gowns. She probably would have need of four or more gowns, he thought. These four would probably suffice for a while. He glanced back over at the book of gown designs he'd been looking at while Faiyth was ogling over gowns and material. He remember a certain one he'd thought would look good on Faiyth, it had full skirts that would emphasize her small waist and it also had a daringly cut neckline, which he would enjoy himself.

He smiled as Faiyth emerged from the dressing room wearing the ivory gown the clerk had brought out. She really did look amazing in her new clothing. Chase couldn't take his eyes off Faiyth as she stood there absolutely sparkling with glee in her new gown. She really was a strange woman, he thought. He'd never seen anyone take such excitement in a mere gown. The remaining three gowns looked equally as nice on her. He picked out a few hand bags, slippers and a few strings of material for hair ties as he waited for the clerk to package up the gowns. He then handed the clerk the amount due plus a little something for the fine work the man had done in finding Faiyth such nice clothing. He then ordered the daringly cut gown to be created for Faiyth's frame as well. The clerk smiled knowingly at Chase and he could almost feel himself blush. He gathered up the three packaged gowns and Faiyth, who had decided to wear a rich violet walking gown out of the shop.

He loaded Phillus down with the packages and lead him behind himself and Faiyth as they walked.

"I think you should be set for clothing for a little while." Chase said as they approached a small alley way.

Faiyth nodded her agreement. "Yep! I'se set, fank ye so much yer lordship, I'be neber been giben anyfing quite so nice afore." Faiyth smiled up at Chase.

"It's no trouble my dear, I can't have anyone living with me that looks like they just emerged from living with pigs." Chase smirked. Faiyth's eyes took on that angry glitter and she began to come back with a retort when Chase gently laid a finger upon her lips. "I didn't mean the Kobolds are pigs.. I mean you're covered in mud and were decked in ripped and filthy clothing." Faiyth grumbled something inaudible to herself and fell in step behind Chase.

New Abode (Faiyths new home)

Faiyth and Chase winded they're way through town until Faiyth felt as if they'd been walking for hours. "Are we dere yet?" Faiyth asked.

Chase laughed out loud. "You sound like a young child.. but yes, we're almost to my house." Chase cradled Faiyth's hand in his own. "See that tower right there? That's it."

Faiyth tried to see what he was pointing at, but she didn't see any house, she saw a huge inn, but no house. She saw a small wooden building to her right and pointed at it happily. "It's bootiful!" She beamed happily at him.

He followed the direction she was pointing and stopped short when he caught sight of what she was pointing at. At that point he broke out laughing. "That's an outhouse!" He pulled her towards the inn, then pointed up at it as they approached the front door. "This is my house."

Faiyth stared at him absently and then up at the huge house. This was his home? It couldn't be, it was so big! She had been sure it was an inn. "Dis is yer home?" Faiyth eyed him suspiciously. "yer kiddin rite?"

Chase shook his head at her and smiled. "Come, I'll prove it." Chased handed Phillus over to a young lad that came out running, he gave him a few orders to have the packages delivered up to Faiyths rooms. He then threw open the two door entry way and lead Faiyth inside. He pointed up at a portrait hanging over the fireplace that was obviously a rendering of himself. Faiyth wasn't even watching, he noticed, her eyes were huge as they surveyed the room.

Faiyth was amazed, the furnishings were expensive and the floor was hardwood with a plush exotic rug accenting it. The stairs jutted out from above to circle down on either side of her in a horseshoe shape. The paintings adorning the walls were large and lifelike. One was definitely of Chase. It was then it actually struck her, she would be staying here with Chase. This was going to be her home for a short time. "Dis place is so big! Dun't ye eber get lost?" Faiyth muttered mindlessly.

Chase chuckled again, this woman was proving far to amusing. "No. I've never gotten lost in my own home. But this will now be your home as well. There are servants throughout the house, if you get lost I'm sure they can help you. The library is upstairs, my study is downstairs, the kitchens are to the back of the house through that doorway there." He pointed towards an elegant archway that lead into more rooms of obvious wealth. "I'll escort you to your rooms. Hopefully they will be comfortable." Chase said as he started up the stairs, expecting Faiyth to follow.

"Kitchens? Rooms? Dere are more den wun? I'm going to hab more den wun room?" Faiyth said in disbelief.

"Yes, Kitchens. There are three different ones used for different circumstances. One is for grand parties as it can seat more than 450. The second is fairly small for more intimate dining, it only seats 25. And the third only seats 5 as it is for family only." Chase explain. "And you must have more then one room. You'll need a changing room, a bathing room, a room for sleep and a day room." Chase took Faiyths hand in his again, hoping she would follow him now that he'd explained everything to her.

Faiyth followed mutely behind Chase. She'd never heard of anything so silly. She didn't need 4 rooms, no matter how much changing, sleeping, and bathing she might do. And what was she suppose to do in a day room? Faiyth was utterly confused and more then a little overwhelmed.

Chase opened a carved oak door into a cheery room furnished with a maple dressing table and dresser. Lining the walls were many shelves and bars for hanging clothes. Faiyth could only guess this was to be her changing room. As he lead Faiyth through to her adjoining rooms she marveled again on how she'd ever be able to use so many. They walked in silence through to the last room, the room in which she would sleep. Faiyth's eyes immediately jumped to the plush green comforter and canopy framed by silver with large rearing horses perched on each corner post. "Dere has ta be room fer 5 people in dat bed!" Faiyth marveled.

A small smirk appeared on Chase and as quickly it was gone again. "This is to be your bed, you don't have to share it with anyone else." He winked at her. "Unless you want to."

Faiyth was immediately confused. Why would she want to share her bed and who would she want to share it with? The comforter would surely cover other people, but would it be comfortable?

Chase chuckled at the confused look that passed Faiyth's features. "Never mind, I'll explain it to you another time." He shook his head with amusement and bowed to Faiyth. "I'll be down in my study if you have need of me. Otherwise I'll send Claries up to tend to your bath." Chase took Faiyth's hand in his and brushed his lips over it. "Fair thee well." He murmered as he moved out the doorway.

A few moments later a small framed woman with friendly brown eyes and short brown hair peeked in. "So you're Faiyth huh?" The woman smiled, "I'm here to help you with your bath." Claries opened the door wide as three men carrying buckets of water and a wash basin entered the room. They continued through to the adjoining room she'd been told was to be her bathing room. After depositing their burdens they started back out the door from whence they came. One stopped just before the door and bowed to Faiyth, a kind smile on his face. Faiyth bowed back to him as he exited the room in a fit of laughter. "Come lets get you clean." Claries smiled.

Faiyth smiled at Claries and nodded. "Fank ye fer yer help." She said, heading for the adjoining room. Claries stared at Faiyth in confusion, Faiyth's pronunciation throwing her for a second. She then followed after her, which confused Faiyth. "It was bery kinda ye ta help. Hab a nice day." Faiyth tried again, hoping she'd get the message and leave so Faiyth could bathe.

"Here let me help you with your gown M'Lady." Claries came over.

"NO! er.. dat's okay. I got it." Faiyth started. What was this lady doing? Was she going to watch her bath? How embarrassing, Faiyth thought, and rude too. She wasn't sure if she liked Claries.

"Well?" Claries said, stopping a ways away and waiting for Faiyth to disrobe for her bath.

"Are ye gonna stand dere n' watch me?" Faiyth asked in disbelief. Claries features turned into one of confusion, then the truth hit her and she started giggling uncontrollably.

"M'Lady is shy of her attendants!" Claries chuckled.

"M'Lady.. has neber bathed wif anywun watchin.." Faiyth muttered angrily.

Claries was awestruck by that. "You haven't? Well my apologies, I've never met a Lady who didn't want her attendant to assistance her in her bath." Claries smiled and turned around, leaving Faiyth to what privacy she could find.

Faiyth muttered something about nosy people and started to disrobe, she threw her gown close to the bathing basin and then climbed in. "okay." Faiyth said.

Claries turned around and giggled again at the sight of Faiyth covering herself shyly in the bath. She walked over to Faiyth and handed her a bar of violet smelling soap, then smiled. "If you want to bath yourself I can understand I suppose. If you need me I'll be in your dressing room hanging your belongings." Claries said.

"Fanks!" Faiyth said with relief. "Be careful wif dem gowns. Dey mean alot ta me." Faiyth called to Claries as she left.

Faiyth made short work of her bath, afraid Claries might return any minute. She emerged from her bath, her long wet hair smelling like a spring day. She quickly pulled her gown back on and headed for the dressing room. "I need sumfin fer my hair." She called as she caught sight of Claries.

Claries looked up from the clothes she was putting away and smiled at Faiyth. "If you would like I can help you with your hair."

Faiyth thought for a moment and decided that was an excellent idea. "Sure!"

Claries pulled out a chair at the vanity and motioned for Faiyth to take a sit in it. Faiyth happily sat down and gazed into the mirror at her perfectly clean face. She actually looked good clean, she thought. She hadn't been so squeaky clean in her entire life.

Claries worked hard on Faiyth's hair, piling it atop her head and curling it around her face. The effect did wonders to soften Faiyth's features. Claries was a miracle worker it seemed. Faiyth's mound of silver hair was quickly atop her head and she looked the part of a lady.

"Come lets finish getting you dressed." Claries handed Faiyth a small contraption. "That goes under your skirts to make them flare out more."

"How?" Faiyth said.

Claries just chuckled and started working on Faiyths clothes. She added more weird contraptions and pulled so many strings on the contraptions that Faiyth felt like she could barely breath. By the time Claries was finished Faiyth was unsure if she could even move. She took a few small steps and realized if she wanted to stay upright, she'd have to walk slowly. She also realized that to keep from getting her skin pinched she'd have to stay straight backed and walk gracefully. Quite ingenious, Faiyth thought, yet very cruel.

Mmmm Soup.. er noodle soup! I mean soup! (Faiyths first fancy dinner)

Faiyth waddled her way down the stairs, holding onto the banister for her life. She slowly approached the door she remembered Chase had told her was his study. Her knock was very soft at first, as she was afraid too much movement would get her a painful pinch from her gown. When no answer came, she knocked harder, wincing in pain.

"Yeah?" Chase said, swinging open the double doors. He stopped in mid sentence when he caught sight of the vision standing there. What a transformation, he thought. His little mud dog had turned into a purebred lady. She looked amazing, her silver curls framed her skin and her vibrant purple eyes offset the color of her flowing gown. She was surreal.

"Well, what da ye fink? Dere's so many darn contraptions under dis darn dress I'm unsure if I'll be able ta get outta it in time to get to bed before tomorrow." Faiyth murmered.

Chase chuckled and took Faiyth's hand. "You look marvelous, contraptions and all." He looked her over one last time. "Are you hungry? It's about time for dinner."

"Sure, food wood be nice." Faiyth smiled, trying to hide the deep pink blush she knew was spreading over her face. She didn't know why it made her so happy to know he thought she looked good, but she didn't like the feeling either way, it was too risky.

"Come then." He cradled her hand on his arm as he lead her into one of many doors along the back of the house.

Faiyth was dumb struck again when they entered the dining room. It was huge, yet must have been the smaller of the three dining rooms. Two places were set at the table, right across from each other. An appealing aroma wafted from the middle of the table where a centerpiece of brilliant yellow roses rested. Chase pulled out her seat and then came around to sit across from her. Faiyth marveled at the shining brilliance of the table and at the gleaming silver of the items beside her plate. Sudden nervousness came over her as she stared down at the gleaming silver items. What the heck were those? She'd seen one, it was called a fork, but she'd never used one. She tried to settle herself down as she smiled across the table at Chase. He was looking her over again, as he'd done in the hallway outside his study. Faiyth tried to take a deep breath to relax herself, but the bindings of her gown were too tight to warrant much.

"Mmm.. grilled pheasant and potatos, with steamed baby carrots." Chase murmered.

A generous serving was dished onto her plate. The attendant poured her a glass of red liquid and bowed to her as he left the room. She looked over the red of the liquid thoughtfully, convinced it was probably blood of some kind. She sniffed it nonchalantly, then glanced up to see Chase watching her every move with another one of his amused smiles on his face.

"I'b neber drank blood before, it must be anodder onnae yer nobelity delites huh?" Faiyth smiled smartly at Chase, who had taken a sip from his glass. After hearing what she'd just said he had to keep from choking on his "blood".

"Actually.. it's red wine. You'll like it." He said after wiping the reminisces of his laughter from his lips.

"Wine..?" Faiyth said. "Are ye sure?"

"Yeah, it's red wine." Chase said as he waited for Faiyth to take a drink of her wine.

Faiyth took a sip and tried to keep the tears from coming to her eyes. "It's a lil.. strong" She gasped.

Chase smiled. "You'll get use to it."

Faiyth nodded, not really believing what he'd said. She picked up a carrot with her fingers and popped it in her mouth. Then grabbed the large hunk of Pheasant meat and proceeded to take bites out of it.

Chase suppressed another laugh as he watched Faiyth eating. She must not know how to use silverware he guessed. He set his own silverware aside and began eating with his hands as well. There was just too much to teach this young lady.

Dinner was delicious and the wine did, after awhile, seem less strong. Faiyth felt a little light headed and fuller then she'd ever felt as Chase lead her up the stairs to her room. He opened the door to what she assumed was her bedchambers and then waited for her to walk in ahead of him. The wine was to blame for the sleepiness she felt, and did not add much to her awareness. She started pulling off the many pieces that made up her outfit as she walked towards her bed, having completely forgotten Chase was behind her. He cleared his throat, trying to get her attention. She turned around with a small yawn and smiled sleepily at him. "Fank ye fer da amazin' dinner. It was bery good to eat." Faiyth stood there silently as Chase came towards her.

"It was my pleasure to give you your first big feast." Chase smiled down at her, his hand slipping under her chin to make her look up at him. "You really are quite a joy to be around my dear. Your innocent manner is most amusing."

Chase seemed closer then he'd ever been. She could feel the color rising up into her cheeks as he leaned forward. She puckered up her lips and closed her eyes, waiting passionately for him to give her the first kiss she'd ever received. When his lips brushed her hand she felt utterly silly. She quickly opened her eyes and hoped he hadn't caught her moment of complete and utter stupidity. He brushed a stray curl behind her ear and smiled at her. "Pleasant dreams. See you on the morrow." He bowed at the waist and headed for the door.

Faiyth stared at his back as he left. When the door closed behind him she sat on the bed to think over what she had just felt. Had she really thought he was going to kiss her. She was a parentless woman, no lady by far. What well breed man would want a woman like her? She couldn't even tell him who her parents were. As she herself still didn't know. She sighed in hopelessness and laid down on the bed, pulling the soft covers around her as she curled up and cried herself to sleep.

A whole new world (Faiyths second day in civilation)

Rays of sparkling golden sun shown through the slightly parted curtains, splaying fingers of light across the bedroom. The peaceful silence of the room was broken by the merry song of a bluebird outside. Faiyth's eyes fluttered open and she stared up at the ceiling. Her mind filtered over the talk Chase and herself had taken part in the night before. Faiyth remembered what he had said about kobolds and had soon learned how the kobolds were being treated by the people residing in the city, hunted like animals and killed in their own homes. She was infuriated by this knowledge, as she had long ago taught her kobold clan members how to be as civil and townish as possible. She had learned how to talk from them, but not very well, she had problems with the language because they had inherited a speech impediment when learning it themselves. It wasn't good enough, she decided, no matter how she tried, it didn't seem she could protect them. She groaned in disgust as she rose, heading for her dressing room.

Claries was there waiting for her. That woman could turn herself invisible at will, Faiyth thought. She was always just appearing and disappearing. "I fink I'll wear da silvery colored gown if I could?" Faiyth asked demurely.

"My dear you can wear whatever you want." Claries winked.

"Alrite, da silver wun den." Faiyth said.

Claries helped Faiyth change into the gown then promptly started work on Faiyth's hair. After much brushing and styling Faiyth's hair had been fashioned into a flowing mass that started atop her head and flowered down her back. Faiyth wondered if Chase would like it, then she wondered why she even cared if he did.

She came down the stairs gracefully, forced to be ladylike by the tight bindings she was wearing again. She glanced over at the open door of Chase's study and wondered where he was. She approached one of the doors along the back of the house, figuring whichever she opened would most likely be a dining room.

She was surprised when she opened the door to a huge room with 15 or more tables. "Dis must be his dinin' room fer when he is habin parties." Faiyth said absently.

"You'd be right in that assumption," came a voice from behind her.

Faiyth spun around to meet Chase's vivid green eyes. She felt a brilliant red heat spreading over her face as she stood there mutely. She hoped he didn't remember what she'd done last night.

"Are you ready for breakfast?" Chase asked.

"Aye, breakfast wood be nice." Faiyth smiled.

Chase took Faiyth's hand in his and lead her to the correct dining room. Delicious scents wafted up from the intimate table setting. Poached eggs, bacon, lumpy gruel and mounds of fluffy pancakes lined the table. The vase of golden roses that served as a centerpiece looked fresh and new. He lead her to the same side of the table she had been seated at the night before, then took his place across from her.

"Dis all looks bery good." She murmered in appreciation.

"I hope you're hungry this morning." He chuckled as he watched her eyeing the mounds of food hungrily.

"Oh belieb me.. I am." She said, her violet eyes meeting his green ones again.

"Then help yourself my dear." He said.

She piled a little of everything on her plate, then dived in. It tasted even better then it looked. The bacon was deliciously crisp and the pancakes fairly melted in her mouth. "Mmmm.." She offered between bites.

Chase just shook his head with amusement. "Would you care to go for a ride after breakfast my dear?"

Faiyth stopped mid bite, a tiny piece of egg on the corner of her mouth. "Ridin?" Faiyth gawked, "but I dunno how."

"I'll teach you." Chase smiled. "It's really not so hard, you can get it I'm sure. I'll go have the horses readied for us. You go change into your riding outfit. That is, after your finished filling your face."

She stared at him, then nodded. "Alrite, I'll be dere in a second." After uttering that she got up from the table, promptly wiped her mouth on the back of her sleeve and headed up to her rooms.

Faiyth was unsure what she should wear for riding. She guessed the dark purple one would suffice. She pulled it on, leaving the other contraptions out of the ensemble. She quickly dashed downstairs to find Chase.

He was standing at the entry way as she came running down the stairs. She surely was a wild little thing, he thought. "Come, lets go ride." Chase took her hand and lead her out to the stable. "I had Firestorm readied for you, she should be perfect and very mellow for your first ride."

A horse is a horse (Faiyths first riding experience)

Chase helped Faiyth up onto the small mare, then jumped onto his own horse. "Now, just use the reins to steer and use your feet on her sides to tell her how fast you want to go. The harder you squeeze the faster she'll go."

"Alright, here I go." She put slight pressure on the side of the mare and Firestorm quickly surged forward. Faiyth gripped tightly to the reins of the mare as she tried to balance with all her being. A erupt chuckling shot out from behind her. Faiyth glared over her shoulder at Chase as he watched her learn to ride. "It's nae as easy as it looks, I'd like ye ta know!" Faiyth spat, trying to get her concentration back on balancing.

"It's not as hard as it looks either.." He snickered.

"I'se neber rode a big ol' cow around afore, so I'll kindl'a ask ye ta keep yer chuckles ta yerself. I'll get da hang a' dis soon!" She grumbled.

"That was kind of obvious, but ol' Firestorm has always been a gentle mare and you'll get the hang of it I'm sure, but while you are.. I'm having the time of my life watching your clumsy attempts!" He burst out laughing again as Faiyth slid down the side of the horse and groped franticly for the saddle horn. She glared again at Chase as he watched her with amusement lining his face, and pulled herself back upright. "This saddle is so hard.." She muttered almost to herself.

Faiyth was tired of this torment, all ladies could ride horses, and she was going to do the best she could to ride a horse as well! May Tonis be her witness! She glanced back at Chase and nudged Firestorm into a trot, her body jolting up and down ungracefully. Chase just started laughing all the harder at her.

Faiyth was completely fed up, she was gonna get this riding thing even if it killed her first, and she guessed it probably would. She nudged the horse again with her heels, shocking herself when the mare roared into a smooth canter. Faiyth felt somewhat free on top of the horse, though balancing was still a problem, the saddle seemed to quake under her and slide around on the horses back. She hated how she'd seen everyone else ride their stallions all over the place yesterday in town. She should be able to do that too! So she just squeezed her legs tighter around Firestorm for support and gripped the reins tight in her hands. Of course, comically, the mare took this pressure on her flanks to mean her rider wanted to go faster, and so she bolted like a strike of lightning, shooting off away from the arena with Faiyth gripping helplessly to the saddle horn. She jumped over the gate and galloped towards the dense forests on the other side of the meadow.

"Faiyth!" Chase yelled as he tried to catch her.

Faiyth hollered and screamed for the horse to stop, but unlike Faiyth, Firestorm couldn't understand common tongue. So Faiyth squeezed even closer to the horse, unknowingly urging her to go faster and quickly outdistancing Chase's horse. "Heee...llll...pp!" Faiyth cried as she was bounced around in the saddle. She opened her eyes long enough to look where she was headed as she whizzed around trees and over bushes.

Faiyth glanced up into the sky and watched as she outraced the very clouds in the sky. It felt exhilarating! She felt almost free running along the ground like this. She'd rather have had a little more control though.. So she flattened herself to the horses back and let the horse lead.

Soon Firestorm slowed down and Faiyth glanced about her, utterly lost now that she'd finally dismounted the rowdy ride she'd been on. She tied Firestorm to a tree and sat down on a rock to figure out where she was.

The Meeting (Faiyth and the Pegasus)

Faiyth suddenly heard a loud screaming sound and jumped up to find out what it was. She raced towards the sound and came face to face with a tiny colt, but it had wings! It screamed again as it bolted by her, a hungry large cat at it's feet. The puma leapt on the tiny colt, crushing it to the ground. Faiyth walked up to the cat and kicked it off. The great cat turned emerald eyes on her and hissed, it's sleek muscles bunching together as if to pounce on her. She bunched her skirts up in one hand as she picked up a stick and growled back at the great cat. A hungry smirk seemed to trace the mouth of the cat as it stalked slowly towards her, ready to attack at any moment, but she attacked first. She leapt forward, surprising the cat long enough to knock the cat several times atop the head. With a hollow gasp the cat bounded away, it's head probably still ringing. The colt dashed around, bucking and jumping around wildly. She quickly grabbed up a handful of grass and offered it to the baby colt. It gazed at her thoughtfully then slowly moved towards her. The colt ate all the offered grass, and two more handfuls before it was finally satisfied that Faiyth was safe enough. She petted the cute little thing and marveled at how soft he was.

She glanced up to survey the sky above, trying to think of what she should do with the colt who was all alone, and perhaps as lost as she was. Blinking, she looked again, examining the white object in the heavens more closely. Was it coming towards her? It surely didn't look like a cloud and was much to big to be a bird... then what was it? She watched it silently, with fear icing her stomach. She feared that it might be one of the dreaded Ice Dragons that she'd heard so many times about. With eyes of ruby and scales the color of pure white crystal they were a beauty to behold, but even beautiful things were deadly. The ice dragon could breath freezing ice and icicle projectiles that could freeze a person on the spot. Faiyth had never seen a dragon, and though she was curious, she wasn't about to chance a meeting with one.

She watched the object as it neared even closer, feathered wings sweeping around it's body. It wasn't a dragon thank Tonis, but then.. what was it?

She jumped as the animal landed. It's golden twined tail swishing around it. Sapphire eyes looked upon her wisely as the creature looked her over and folded it's massive feathered wings against it's body. "I... I um... I'se neber seen a creature as beautiful as ye before." Faiyth gasped. The animal just threw up it's head and whinnied at her. It looked like a horse, but it had large wings. Faiyth had never seen a pegasus before, she'd heard of them, and had taken great pleasure in thinking she was an expert on pegasus. Seeing one for the first time was quite overwelming. The animal reared up onto it's hind legs, pawing the air triumphantly, it's wings flaring out around it. The creature then stamped it's golden hoofs on the ground and snorted at her, peering at her as if it had a question.

Faiyth outstretched her hand towards the winged stallion, watching it for any signs of defiance. Her fingers slid into the plush white fur of the animal and soothingly rubbed the animal. The stallion raised his head, giving Faiyth pause, as it sniffed the air and glanced at the before forgotten mare and then at the tiny colt. Faiyth glanced at the small winged colt and then back at the winged stallion. Was this the colts father? They looked so different, the colt had tiny wings with barely any feathers yet, while the father was huge, with more feathers then she cared to count.

"Dis must be yer baby... Do ye fink, since I sabed him, dat ye could take me home? Do ye know how to get me home great creature?" She asked. When the animal nodded it's head and bowed down onto it's front legs, Faiyth was confused. Did the animal want her to get on it's back? She'd had a hard enough time with the mare, what would happen when she was up in the sky on the back of a winged stallion?

Faiyth sauntered away from the Pegasus and untied the mare, letting her loose to find her own way home. "Go home Firestorm, I'm gonna go fer a ride on a real libe pegasus."

She almost chuckled to herself as she thought about what she'd just said. A live pegasus.. she, Faiyth, abandoned as a baby, was about to fly on the back of a pegasus. She stumbled back to the pegasus and slowly put her hand along the back of the pegasus wondering if it was safe to ride without a saddle. She called the colt to her and wrapped it within her arms. She sighed to herself and hoisted herself up onto the back of the majestic animal. She marveled at how she fit on so snug against the pegasus, finding herself not even needing to balance as she braced herself by twining her fingers in it's flowing mane. "Giddup!" She called.

The pegasus stood back up straight and flared out it's magnificent sweeping wings. He jumped right into a gallop, pounding against the ground as he flapped his feathered wings around him. The pace grew faster and faster with each step and with a startling leap, the pegasus was airborne with it's new rider.

Faiyth gawked down below her, it was gorgeous! She could see the tiny babbling brooks streaming across the lush green fields below. The tiny colt whinnied happily as he rested between Faiyth's legs. She felt so free and alive, her hands outstretched around her as if trying to reach the sky. Her silver hair swished around her as the wind blew around her small frame. Over the horizon rose the town of Wehnimers, with a glistening midnight blue bay to the east. The sun splintered across the water, touching the surface with fingers of rich gold and vibrant yellow. Faiyth cried up into the wind, yelling to the world as the pegasus slowly descended towards the town.

With a abrupt swoop, the pegasus stopped in mid air, it's massive wings flapping wildly to hold them suspended. Faiyth pointed down towards the busy streets of Town Center, and the pegasus swung it's wings out and soared through the wind currents to the ground.

Gasps of amazement followed the landing of the magnificent beast. Eyes bulged as the pegasus folded it's wings in around it and bowed forward to let the little silver haired lady from it's back. She glanced around and dismounted, a self-pleased smile on her heart-shaped face. "Dat was da best!" She called to the pegasus, letting the baby pegasus down from her arms, "Oh I do hope I get lost again sometime."

The pegasus snorted comically at her and nudged her shoulder. She smiled at it and scratched his forehead, still in awe after the magical meeting. She curtsied to the pegasus and turned to walk away, but the pegasus followed her, it's golden hoofs click-clacking as it gave chase. She peered at the animal thoughtfully, was she it's master now? No, that couldn't be! Pegasus were free animals, they didn't belong to anyone but the clouds in the sky. So she bent forward and kissed the pegasus' muzzle. "Ye are free dear pegasus, ye kin fly da skies n' dance among da stars, why wood ye want to stay wif me? Ye are ment to be free and wild my friend. But I shall always look forward ta us meetin' again, do nay stay a stranger okay?" Faiyth stated. The Pegasus just stared at her, then glanced around him, noticing all the gawking stares. He nodded at Faiyth and nudged her hand. He seemed to understand what she was saying. So he reared, his wings flaring out around him as he leapt into the air, his wings flapping around him as he flew towards the heavens, the little colt flitting as best he could behind his father.

Faiyth watched them as they soared out of sight, still marveling at the meeting that had taken place that day. She felt as if she'd met a friend rather then an animal.

Can't we all just get along? (Returning home)

Faiyth sighed with contentment and headed for a landmark she recognized. She couldn't remember where Chase lived, or how to get there. She was still lost, she mused.

She wandered the streets for a short time, then finally just settled down on a bench beside the clothiers.

"How is I eber gonna get back ta Chase's?" Faiyth sniffled. The ride on a pegasus was worth being lost for a short time, but not forever. She couldn't even return to the kobold village, as she wasn't sure how to get there either.

She watched the people walking by sadly, wondering if any of them knew how to get to Chase's house. Her eyes fell on an prissy lady with a pale pink parasol. The lady caught Faiyth watching and headed towards her. "You know, it's not polite to stare young lady." The woman huffed, her swinging skirts dancing at her ankles. "Wait! You're that young thing that Chase is courting aren't you?"

Faiyth shook her head. "No, I'se Faiyth. I'se stayin wif Lord Chase doh, do ye know how ta get ta his house?"

The well bred lady gazed down her upturned nose at Faiyth and shook her head in disgust. "What would a man like Chase, who could have any woman in town he wanted.. settle for such a little misfit?"

"Excuse me? I dun't care who Chase could get er not.. how do I get ta his house?" Faiyth muttered.

"Don't raise your voice to me you little retch." The woman glared, "Find it yourself. Chase would be better off without you." She spun around, her skirts flaring out around her as she stalked away.

Faiyth just couldn't understand why some people were so uppity. Oh well, she thought, she'd find it herself. She slowly got up from the bench and headed for the small alley across the street.

"Wait! Miss!" Someone called from behind her.

Faiyth turned and watched a young boy running towards her. His legs were lengthy and his hair was ruffled. Faiyth decided he looked harmless enough.

"Did I hear right? Are you looking for Lord Chase's house?" The boy said, gasping for breath.

"Aye! Do ye knew how ta get dere?" Faiyth said excitedly.

"Yes, it's right down this alleyway," He pointed. "And then go straight down to the right. You'll see the tower raising. Just follow that road to the end. That's where Chase lives." He said.

Faiyth hugged the boy tight. "Fanks!" With that she ran down the street, following the boys directions until she saw the towers of Chase's house raising on the horizon. "Finally, I found it." She giggled happily. She walked up to the door and found it locked. "darn it.." She sighed, knocking heavily on the door.

An old man opened the door and smiled down at Faiyth. "Why there you are, the master has been worried sick!" He opened the door wide for Faiyth to pass. Faiyth headed for Chase's study but couldn't find him there.

"Where is Chase?" She said.

"He's out in the woods out back looking for you." The butler smiled. "I'll go relay your good fortune to him. But don't expect to go riding again soon."

Faiyth giggled at that. "Yes, I suppose I should'a been more careful."

Faiyth headed up to her rooms and laid back on her cushy bed. It had been a long day, and she was starting to feel the toll of her long exertion.

Just then the door burst open. "What were you thinking? Are you okay? I've been worried sick!" Chase exploded.

"I'm fine, I'm sorr'a and I hope ye haben't been lookin long. I got lost. N' some lady wouldnae eben tell me how to get back to yer house. She was so mean Chase." Faiyth muttered. "I wanted ta sock 'er!"

His outragious little visitor was back, and as always her silly banter made him smile. He really had been sick with worry. He'd thought she'd end up hurt or worse.. He'd followed the hoof prints of Firestorm deep into the forest, and when he'd caught up to Firestorm without her rider, he had even been more worried. He was exceedingly happy to see she was safe and did not seem hurt. "Just be careful, you should have waited for me before galloping away." He said tenderly.

"Dun't ye fink I would'a had I been able ta?" She said. "She all of a sudden started runnin n' I dinnae hab any control."

Chase took a seat next to her on the bed and took both her hands in his own. "I'm just glad your alright, Faiyth." He smiled, his emerald green eyes expressing his happiness that she was okay. "If we ever go riding again, you'll be on a horse with me." He said as he gently squeezed her hands.

"I fink I'll do better da next time we ride." Faiyth giggled. "My pride got da werst of me cause ye was laughing at me."

Chase smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. You were doing fine. You just looked so cute up there sliding all over."

Faiyth tried to look sternly at Chase, but ended up giggling instead. "It's alrite, if ye kin fergib me for gettin carried away.. literally. I kin fergib ye fer laughin at me."

Chase nodded happily. "It's a deal. Now, are you hurt at all? Bruised?" He said, looking her over from head to toe.

"Nah, I'se absolutely fine." Faiyth smiled.

Sweet Faiyth (Faiyth's first kiss)

Chase's eyes came to rest on the violet pools of her own and a strange feeling came over Faiyth. Chase leaned towards her, and Faiyth was sure her was about to kiss her. She second guessed herself this time, not wanting to look like a fool again. So she just sat there, waiting for proof of what he was about to do.

It came but a second later, as his lips brushed hers ever so softly. Warmth spread over Faiyth, making her never want to leave this moment. She kissed him back, opening her mouth to his exploration. His hands came to either side of her head to twine into her hair. He kissed her deeply for a moment, savoring the sweetness of her lips. He was so gentle with his kiss, that it was almost feather soft, but it was over much to quickly.

The look in Chase's eyes when he pulled away and looked down at her was masked. She wondered if he'd found her lacking. She felt her bottom lip tremble unconsiously as she gazed up at him.

He fought the feelings inside himself as best he could. He should never have kissed her, he thought. Now he'd only want to do it again, and after that he was afriad he'd want to go further. She really was stunning at this moment, he thought. Her hair was in disarray from where his hands loosened strands of hair. Her lips were full and seemed to be pouting for more of his kisses. Her eyes were a pool of violet desire, and he knew that desire was probably mirrored in his own. She was so unique, he mused, she really did need someone to guide and care for her. He was unsure if he should be the one to do that though. She was so trusting and innocent, she would probably never forgive him if he did any of the wild things that were pounding through his head.

Faiyth saw the look of indesicion in his eyes, and decided it was better they didn't continue in the direction they had been heading. She was unsure why she felt so much like she needed him to stay with her, like he had deserted her in her time of need. It was unnerving, and it scared her. She didn't like feeling like she needed Chase. What if he too decided his life was no place for a woman like herself? What if he deserted her as her parents had? She'd be alone again, and she'd have a broken heart. It was better they just be friends, and when he felt she had worn her welcome, she could be on her way.

Chase stood up from the bed and bowed his head to Faiyth. "Dinner will be ready in about an hour. I'll see you then."

Faiyth nodded mutely and watched him leave. She got up and closed the door behind him, feeling as if she were shuting the door on something more then just him. She sat down by the window and gaze out it. The deep blue of the sky was offset by the golden rays of the afternoon sun. Melodious songs of birds flittering above drifted down on a gentle breeze. The sweet smell of spring met her senses as she gazed out across the bay. Glistening deep blue water crashed against the sandy beaches. A large boat with billowing sails sat docked at the festival. She examined the boat carefully, wondering why it seemed familiar in some way. She shook the feeling off and began to listen for the telltale sound of the festival. She watched the tiny people as they wandered about in the distance. She wished she could go to the festival. She'd never been to a festival before, and it looked like such fun. She rose from the window sill and changed into her evening gown. She headed down the stairs to find Chase. Certainly he would want to go to the festival too.

Chase needed to find a way to get his mind off that kiss. He was lost in thought when he heard the rustle of skirts behind him. He caught sight of his enchanting creature when he turned around, she was beginning to become an addiction to him.

"Would ye like ta come to da festival wif me?" She asked.

He looked her over thoughtfully. She actually thought she could go to the festival without him. She probably didn't realize that it was considered scandalious to be unescorted at such an affair. "Sure, the festival sounds excellent." Chase said happily. Just the thing to get his mind off that kiss, he decided.

Reunion (Faiyth mets her father)

Faiyth and Chase headed out of the house and Chase assisted Faiyth into a deep silver carriage. He tapped on the ceiling after joining her inside the carriage and called up to the driver to take them to the festival.

The road was bumpy, and Faiyth had to do all she could to keep from bouncing into Chase's lap. The ominious look in Chase's eyes kept the talk to a minimum. The ride was short though, and when the carriage pulled up at the entryway to the fair, Faiyth was all too happy to disembark.

"Where shall we go first." Faiyth beamed.

"Lets head towards that collection of shops right there." Chase pointed towards a cluster of tiny tents and carts.

"Sounds good." Faiyth followed behind Chase as they walked through the shops. Chase purchased Faiyth a few more pieces for her dressing room and a few scented oils and soaps for her bathing room. As they passed a small jewelry shop Faiyth stopped suddenly. A beautiful interwoven silver choker with tiny diamonds clustered into the shape of a heart caught her eye. She stared in awe down at it. It was so amazing, Faiyth thought, she'd never seen anything that sparkled so brightly.

Chase turned around and caught sight of Faiyth pressed up again a small glass window. As he neared her he saw what she was drooling over. A simple silver choker shown from the other side of the glass. He shook his head in amusement and pulled Faiyth into the small jewelry shop. "Come, we must get you some type of jewelry. All ladies have it, and if we're to get you accustomed to being a lady, we must have you look the part." Chase smiled. "Is there anything in this shop that you could settle for?"

Faiyth beamed excitedly and tugged Chase over to the location of the silver choker. "Dat! Kin I hab dat?" She begged.

"I dunno.. I suppose that would do." Chase smiled knowingly. "Are you sure that's what you want?"

Faiyth nodded viciously. "Yes please!"

Chase scooped up the choker and placed it delicately around Faiyth's neck. "It looks exquisite." He promptly paid for the jewelry and lead Faiyth out into the raging crowd of bodies again. Faiyth was beaming with delight again as they walked towards the waters edge to look out into the bay. Faiyth turned back around to survey the crowd as she absently fingered her new choker.

The crowd was amazingly large with all types of people. They all looked like they were having a fabulous time. Her gaze fell on a tall man standing next to a large building which she recognized as the money vault. The man had many days of stubble on his hard face, and his cold grey eyes kept sweeping over the crowd. His hair was dark as the night and was in wild disarray. There was something vaguely familiar about that man. Something that made her stomach fill with butterflies. Who was he? Why did he seem so familiar?

Chase followed Faiyth's gaze to the man she was surveying. He was roughly handsome in a brutal way and after looking over him again he recognized the pirate at once. "Teron!" He called murderously. Gasps were heard and a lady screamed and fainted. Teron glared angrily at Chase.

"Why don't you mind your own business?" Teron growled. "This is none of your concern lad." Teron motioned into the building and a handful of men carrying longswords and bags of stolen money emerged. They dashed towards the ship Faiyth had thought so familiar earlier. Teron's cold eyes passed over her momentarily, and immediately, as if feeling the bond as well, came back to her. He stood there motionless, looking at the young woman with the vibrant violet eyes. He remembered those violet eyes.. "You!" He screamed at Faiyth.

Faiyth fell back against Chase. "Me?" She gasped.

"What are you doing here!? I thought I'd done away with you!" He approached her angrily.

"Huh?" She said desperately. Chase grabbed her and hid her behind him, but she pushed past. "No, I gotsta know how he knows me.." She murmured.

Teron pulled Faiyth roughly away from Chase and stared down into those violet eyes. Her mother had had eyes like these, eyes that had drawn him to her. His gaze quickly lowered to take in her body. She'd definitely grown up well, but how? "How did you survive?" He said shaking her violently.

"I dunno wha' yer sayin!?" She said.

"I threw you in the well, you should be dead." Teron said, roughly taking her chin and forcing her to look him in the eyes.

"The well!?" She pulled away from him, filled confusion which quickly was replaced with intense hatred. "You! Yer da wun who fhrew me down da well!" She kicked him in the shin and punched angrily at his midsection. "You rolton faced, rotten old man! Yer my fadder, and ye fhrew me down a well!" She shot out again, brutally attacking him.

He was taken back for a second as he looked down at this little spitfire. "You got some of your father in you I see." He laughed harshly, catching her by an arm and wrenching it painfully behind her until she could no longer move. "Maybe I should have kept you around. You mighta made a good pirate after all."

She was so overtaken with intense hatred that she didn't see the wildly confused look on Chase's face. "Ye son of a' rolton, ye lily libered pond scum. Ye aren't fit ta be my dad.. my mum must'a been a complete ogre ta be wif ye!" She spat.

"Your mom was nothing of the sort. She didn't get a say. She was just a prisoner." He smirked, remembering all the pleading she'd done when he told her he'd thrown the child away. She'd used her little violet eyes to beg for this child.. but then, she'd used a lot more then just her eyes. He smiled wickedly at the thought. It was too bad he'd had to toss her and the rest of the women off the ship far out at sea. He shook his head, defending his actions. She and the others were just draining them of food. They were better off dead, his crew could always get more women. "But you shouldn't concern yourself with your mother. She's no longer among the living."

Faiyth stared up into the evil grey eyes that belonged to her father. "My mudder is dead?"

"Yes, there was no room on the ship for her anymore, so she was tossed overboard." He shrugged nonchalantly, as if there was nothing wrong with his statement.

"My mudder was good, my mudder wanted me. Ye were da wun who didn't!" Faiyth squirmed for all she was worth, having come to the realization that she was probably in danger.

"Unhand her Teron. She's under my protection." Chase butted in, having heard enough.

"How are you going to make me, lad?" Teron challenged.

"Like this." Chase stated, removing a large broadsword encrusted with gold from a sheath at his side. "Give her over, or prepare to defend yourself."

Teron looked the young man over, taking in his muscled physic and the anger in his eyes. The lad obviously had feelings for his spitfire daughter. "Stand down.. I won't fight you for a woman. She's all yours, I can come get her anytime I want to. I have all the time in the world to wait. Although I'll bet my crewmen probably can't wait." His smirk was wicked and Chase knew without asking what he meant by his last statement. The nervous look on Faiyth's face said she had not understood what her father had said, and it was just as well Chase thought. The poor young woman was the daughter of the notorious Teron, the most bloodthirsty pirate on the sea. She could expect no fatherly duties from him.

Faiyth looked up at her father, mixed emotions on her face. He had dropped her to the ground and now she knelt at his feet staring up into his cold eyes. He seemed to be deep in thought as he looked down at her. "I'll see you again daughter.." Teron stated. "And next time, I'll be taking you with me."

"Faiyth.." She said. "I'm not 'daughter'.. I'm Faiyth."

Teron stared into those eyes, and felt like taking back his comment about his crewmen having use of her. He might have been a heartless man, but no man would stand by while his daughter was raped. He didn't like the feeling he felt when he looked into the eyes of his daughter. She had some of his blood running through her veins, and it made him feel strange. He had plenty of kids. All dotting the ports he'd visited, but this one seemed like a ghost. She should have been dead.

He backhanded her, trying to displace some of the anger he had over the feelings coursing through him. She lay sprawled out on the ground a few feet away. "Be wary Faiyth.. I'll be back for you soon enough." He glanced at Chase who was stalking angrily towards him, having watched Faiyth's beating. "And don't you be carrying this mans children.. or I'll do the same to them as I did to you." With that he spun away and ran for his ship. Shouts were heard as the sails were raised and the gangplank was taken up. The huge pirates ship slowly left dock and headed out for sea.

"Are you okay!? Faiyth?" Chase kneeled beside her and pulled her up into his arms.

"Aye I'm fine." Faiyth said. Her cheek burned red hot and her head was pounding. "lets just go back home."

Chase lightly touched a small bruise that was forming under her eye and cursed in anger. "That no good pirate!"

"Dat no good pirate.. is my fadder.." Faiyth admitted. She forced herself not to cry, but she felt about to burst. What a terrible turn of events, she thought, she hated her father even more now then she ever had.

Chase picked her up in his arms and held her close. "It'll be okay. You have me now. I'll never hurt you like your father has Faiyth." He said softly. "You must tell me what this is all about when you feel better."

Faiyth lost track of how long they walked. She was deep in thought and feeling vastly sorry for herself. She'd always secretly hoped her mother and father would come for her. That it would have all been some huge accident, that they really had wanted her. Now she knew they didn't, they never had. Not they.. he never had. Her mother had been murdered by him. She felt she might have even liked her mother. She wished she could just sit down with her father and find out everything about her mother and his relationship. That she could find out everything about how she came to live with the kobolds. She hadn't had a bad life, she certainly would have had a worse time on a ship with a bunch of pirates, she mused. She was probably lucky he had gotten rid of her. She was thankful she hadn't died down in that well.

Chase put Faiyth down gently on her bed and sat down beside her. "It'll be okay Faiyth," he soothed, "I'm going to catch him." He said, almost to himself.

"I wanna know wha' happened. I know he's me fadder, but why did he fhrow me down a well?" She questioned. "If ye get em, tie em up n' let me question em."

Chase chuckled at her. "Tell me what you know."

She relayed her childhood to Chase, telling him about how the kobolds had purchased her, and how they had been told about the man who dropped her down the well. She told him about the little she remembered of him as a baby, and the horrible words that echoed through her mind.

"I'm so sorry, Faiyth." Chase said, hugging her tightly to him. "You deserved someone much better then him for a father. You deserved someone who'd have loved you and your mother, and would have done anything to protect you."

Faiyth looked up into his eyes, thankful he had been there to sooth her and keep her from going insane. "Fank ye Chase. Ye hab been most kind and so understandin frew all'a dis."

Chase brushed a stray lock away from her face and smiled. "It was my pleasure. I'm only glad I could be of some assistance."

She felt that strange warmth in her body again, felt it raising to turn her face pinkish as well. She wasn't sure if she was just touched at his kindness, or if she was turning shy.

He got lost again in her eyes, her beautiful creamy skin, her long curly silver hair. She was a breath of fresh air and he was a man dying of suffocation. Before he could get control over his senses, he was kissing her again. He was utterly surprised when she returned the kiss, exactly as she had the last time. Her lips were soft and she tasted like honey. She filled his senses until he could no longer think.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closely against her. He was so strong, and right now, she really needed his strength. His kiss was comforting and wildly exhilarating. She could not have pulled away had the room been on fire, and it quickly seemed it might be. She felt her body burning with heat and her mind was not able to form a sensible thought. He slide his tongue gentle over her lips, exciting her with his boldness. He kissed her so deeply it was like a taste of pure bliss. They were flying together it seemed, meshed in a web of intense feelings.

Footsteps over the floor interrupted their bliss. They both looked up to see Claries standing there with an amused smile on her face. "I just came up to tell you dinner is served." She turned and headed back out the door.

Faiyth looked up at Chase, who had somehow come to be ontop of her. She really wasn't that hungry, but she felt like she was being denied something again. She tried to tell herself she was not upset they had been interrupted, but she knew she was.

Chase surveyed the look in Faiyth's eyes and smiled. "Sorry about that. You just take complete control of my senses at times." He slowly brushed another kiss over her lips and got up. After straightening his clothes, he offered her his hand.

Faiyth reached up and took his hand. He effortlessly pulled her up from the bed, then smiled with amusement down at her wrinkled gown and disheveled hair. "We should get you more presentable." He chuckled.

Faiyth looked down in horror at her dress and then sauntered over to the mirror to gaze in shock at her mess of hair. She looked like she'd just gotten out of bed in the morning. "Jus' a moment. I'll go get changed." She started into her adjoining dressing room when he stopped her.

"A gown just came in from the clothiers today. I ordered it back when we first met. I hope you'll like it." Chase said. "Let me go get it. Would you honor me by wearing it tonight?"

Faiyth gawked at him. "Yer far too kind M'lord. I dunno how I'll eber repay ye."

"This will be payment enough, believe me." Chase said with a secret smile.

He came in a few moments later with an absolutely stunning gown. It was a vibrant shade of cream, almost the color of the richest of topaz. A front laced bodice with a surprisingly low-cut neckline contoured into a petite waistline that then exploded into a parade of multi layered skirts that flowed down to the ankles. Sparkling diamond dust graced the entire garment, giving it an almost magical shimmer. She beamed with absolute delight at the gown. "It's amazin!" She gushed. She took it from his hands and ran into the dressing room. When she emerged a few moments later, Chase was dumbstruck. He'd imaged this gown would fit perfectly to her body, but he'd never imagined that it would fit that perfectly.

"You look amazing M'Lady." He murmered.

"Fank ye M'Lord." She said with a appreciative blush.

"Lets go enjoy dinner." He took her hand in the crook of his arm. "And each others company."

"Sounds excellent." She said with a smile.

He lead her downstairs on his arm and set her in the seat which was quickly becoming her own. He took his usually spot across from her, but this time, he wouldn't stop looking at her. That kiss had done something to their relationship, Faiyth decided. They had become closer. There was something more intimate about their relationship. Something that bound them together. She decided she felt more comfortable with him now as well, most likely because he knew about her past.

Chase's eyes searched Faiyth's. He could tell there was now a different emotion in them, something other then just innocent happiness shone now. Something that much resembled fascination, and perhaps even held a speck of curiousity. "Would you like to try riding again tomorrow, Faiyth?" He said.

"Oh yes! I wood lub to try it one last time." Faiyth beamed. "I fink I kin get it dis time." She nodded self confidentally.

Chase smiled at the enthusiasm that shone from her heart shaped face and marveled. She really was a rare type of women, this one. She was more then willing to get back in the saddle after falling off. He felt bewitched by her, she seemed to be in his every waking thought. He couldn't stand being far from her, and their evening meals had become something intensely special to him. He couldn't understand why he felt the way he did, he'd never been interested in any single woman, except one, and that had turned out disastrous. He'd loved that woman, and it had ended up costing him his heart. He'd often been told he could have any woman he wanted by his friends. Usually it was said with jealousy, but he'd never really thought about it. Maybe he wanted Faiyth? Could that be it, he thought? Had he finally choosen the right woman to make his own? He tried to shake his serious thoughts away before Faiyth could begin to wonder what he was pondering.

"I wanna ride Firestorm again if dat's alright." Faiyth murmered. "I fink I need ta make ammends wif her fer jus' lebin her in da forest."

Chase nodded obediently and smiled. "Sounds excellent." He rose from his finished dinner and bowed to Faiyth. "Shall I escort you up to bed?" He said charmingly. "And on the morrow we shall take a ride together. And no more of your little adventures alright?"

Faiyth chuckled happily. "It's a deal."

Chase lead Faiyth up the stairs and dropped her off at her rooms. He brushed a kiss over the back of her upturned hand and smiled down at her. "Sweet dreams Faiyth."

She tried not to blush all the color out of her features and then turned on her heels and entered her rooms. "Dis is most confusin." Faiyth muttered to herself. "Wha' is wif dat man? Why is he so darn excitin?" Faiyth smiled secretly to herself and wondered on the adventures she would have tomorrow. She had to admit she really liked Chase. He was so kind and understanding. He also had accepted her knowing that she was parentless and had been raised by Kobolds, she surmised. And where he came from, Kobolds were obviously not as beloved as she would have hoped.

Faiyth settled down in her bed and gazed up at the ceiling. She definitely had a lot to think on, and she'd have to find out what it was exactly she was feeling. She slowly drifted off to sleep, with dreams of a certain kind lord with the most hypnotic green eyes you'd ever seen flitting through her head.

Tendrils of golden sun peeked through the heavy curtains, sending beams of brilliance to dance upon the awakening face of Faiyth. She blinked sleepily and looked around her room which was quickly filling with morning light. She bounded out of bed and to the window sill. It was late! She'd really slept in, she hoped Chase would still want to go riding.

She quickly changed into her riding gown and ran down to the stables. She looked around frantically for Chase but was unable to find him. She sighed sadly and worked her way over to Firestorms stall. She petted the beautiful mare on the muzzle and whispered to her, "I'm sorry dat I treated ye badly dear Firestorm, but I wanted so much ta impress me friends wif how "I" am a real lady, but instead I treated ye badly." Gentle eyes gazed back at her in a forgiving way. She kissed Firestorm on the nose and offered her a handful of grain, which was promptly gobbled up.

Tragedy (Faiyth learns that life isn't fair)

Faiyth walked out into the bright sunlight and looked around for Chase, still unable to find him, her eyes drifting up into the heavens to look for her pegasus, whom she'd named Stardust. She began thinking of the looks she'd been getting lately, people were upset that she had somehow tamed a pegasus. She'd even gotten into a fight with a local stable hand who complained that having a pegasus around would make people want to ride his horses less. Faiyth didn't believe how everyone was butting into her business. Was there truly anything wrong with having made friends with a pegasus? She remembered how she'd explained her riding Stardust to Chase. He obviously had not believed her. Not many people had ever even seen a pegasus, let alone rode one. Just then Stardust landed in front of her, and nuzzled against her shoulder. Behind him was the tiny figure of the colt, wings having mastered the art of flying. "Greetin's ye two!" Faiyth cooed, "how hab ye been?"

Stardust just whinnied in response and threw his head back, while the colt bucked and pranced around her. Faiyth loved how they always seemed to be talking back to her. She ran a hand along Stardust's soft white body and then climbed up onto his back. She glanced around her, having second thoughts. She'd promised Chase she wouldn't have anymore of her adventures. But then again, she thought, he'd said not to have any more of her adventures while he was riding with her. Faiyth chuckled to herself, "Lets Ride!" She called and the trio took off into the sky.

Faiyth smiled up into the crystal sky and shouted out her joy. "It's like freedom up here Stardust. I wish I was a Pegasus, den I could fly so high dat my fadder could neber get me!" Her violet eyes flashed back to the tiny colt, who was flapping vigioursly to keep up. "Come on lil fella!" She giggled.

Faiyth laughed happily as they soared over the rising hills and into the brilliant blue of the sky. She motioned the tiny colt to catch up before he got left behind. She turned back and wrapped her hands through Stardusts swaying mane. They flew high over the landscape below. Stardust spun wildly, making Faiyth giggle excitedly as they flew.

An ominious shadow lurked up on them from behind, but Faiyth wasn't paying attention, she was having too glorious a time. The tranquil fun she was having was shattered abrutly when a shrill cry came from behind them. Faiyth jerked around violently and caught sight of the gleaming white scales of a flying dragon behind them. His massive wings flared out around him as he swept down and grabbed the small colt in his mighty talons. "NO!" Faiyth screamed.

The giant ice dragon swooped away from them, carrying a limp winged colt along the way. Faiyth jerked on Stardusts mane, guiding the striken winged stallion into action.

They soared down after the dragon, Stardusts devistated cry broke through the deadly silence as they neared the dragon. Huge wings flapped wildly as the large lizard spun in midair, it's massive head tilting back as he sucked in. A mighty roar echoed through the peaceful valley and bitter cold icycles jolted towards them.

"Quick!" Faiyth shouted as she narrowly guided Stardust and herself out of the way.

The crystal scaled dragon swung about again, flying off with all hope for the winged colt drifting away as he disappeared in the distance.

"What should we do?" Faiyth said in disbelief. "Oh the poor lil guy!" She cried, realizing it was far to late to do anything for him anymore. He had died the second he was snatched from the air. Faiyth sunk down onto Stardust, her hands weaving sadly into his mane. Her tears came quickly, and she laid there as she cried. Stardust soared slowly down to the courtyard at Chase's house. His hoofs lightly brushed the ground and he landed. He bent low, allowing Faiyth to dismount. "I'm so sorry.." Faiyth said sadly. "I'm so sorry.." Stardust gazed up into the sky, as if getting control of his sadness as well. He laid his head on Faiyth shoulder and they just stood there together, mourning the tiny colt, who had only begun to live. Faiyth brushed a kiss over Stardusts snout and turned away. Today had been a terrible day, she thought. "Take care dear Stardust, please return ta me win ye can. Ye are my dear friend." Faiyth said back to Stardust. The sky was taking on a sad purple hue as she gazed up into the heavens. Stardust jumped from the ground and started flying away, his sad cry echoing as he flew away. She watched him go, trying not to let the tears take control again. "Be well." she murmured quietly.

Honeymoon (Faiyth falls in love)

"Where have you been!?" Chase yelled from behind her. "I said not to go on anymore of your adventures!" He approached her angrily, but stopped short when he saw the intense sadness in her eyes. "What's the matter?"

"Da colt died.. a dragon.. and he.." Faiyth started.

"A dragon!? What were you doing around dragons!?" He shouted angrily. "You really are going to get yourself killed! Must I watch you every second of the day!" He grabbed Faiyth roughly and tugged her along behind him.

"But.." she started.

"I'll hear none of it.. I had something to ask you, but I'm not sure if I should anymore." Chase muttered. "Come on." He added as the moved into the house.

Faiyth sighed to herself and followed Chase to the dining room.

"You were gone all day woman.." He said, "Now sit down and eat."

Faiyth obediently took her place across from him and began picking at the food on her plate. Her sad eyes met his from across the table and he seemed to soften.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, Faiyth. I just get so worried about you when you just disappear like you do." Chase appologized.

"I understand Chase. I'm sorry I ran off, but ye were not around win I came down ta ride." She said.

"I know, I'm sorry. You were sleeping in and so I went into town to pick something up for you." He said, touching his pocket thoughtfully. "Speaking of which.. I was going to ask you something today on our ride Faiyth." Chase's emerald green eyes sparkled with feeling.

Faiyth was unsure what he was about to ask, but she was suddenly very excited and knew it had to be something intensely good.

"Well.. I was wondering if you'd like to stay here forever with me, Faiyth. If you'd like to become my wife." Chase pulled a small velvet box from his pocket and opened it for Faiyth to see. A brilliant diamond ring sung from within the tiny box. It was beautiful, Faiyth thought, absolutely amazing.

"I do wanna stay here fereber wif ye Chase. I'll marry ye if ye'll hab me." Faiyth wiped at the tears that were again lining her eyes and took Chase's other hand in her own.

Chase looked greatly relieved as he slide the diamond ring onto her finger. Faiyth wasn't sure what being married to Chase was going to mean. She'd learned much of being married in the kobold village, but she wondered if it was the same thing here as it was there. If so then it was a very romantic and loving thing. They would bind their souls together forever and become one, allowing them to produce many koboldlings. Faiyth smiled dreamily as she looked down at her ring. She really was a lucky woman, she thought, she'd found her mate against all odds.

After dinner was finished and the plates were cleared, Chase lead her up the stairs again. Faiyth followed next to him, still in a daze of excitement. She barely noticed when he passed her door and lead her to his own. She gazed up at him curiously as he opened the door for her.

He smiled down at her lovingly and kissed her on the cheek. "If we are to be man and wife then we shall be sharing the same room." He said.

Faiyth nodded obediently and headed into the room. The room was lit with many small candles and the rich aroma of incense was lingering on the air. The bed was covered in brilliant yellow rose petals and Faiyth's clothes had all been moved into this room. He obviously had decorated and planned that she would accept his offer, as she had. It was almost magical in this room with her future husband. He looked so amazingly handsome standing there, surveying her by the doorway. She already knew much of married life from the kobolds, but hearing still didn't allow her to be sure what she should expect. Whatever it was, she was waiting for it with the same excited curiosity she held earlier when he'd asked her to marry him.

He approaches slowly and wrapped his arms around her waist. She felt perfect enclosed in his arms. He kissed her gently on the forehead and began to lead her towards the bed. When she stopped nervously and turned towards him he took a finger and laid it gently against her lips. "Tonight is a night for you to learn my love. Just lay back, and let me teach you."

She nodded up at him and laid back on the bed. She was unsure what to expect and therefore, was not prepared when he climbed on top of her. "Wha.." She started.

"Shhh.. don't think honey, just lay back and feel." He murmured sexily into her ear.

She again stilled herself on the bed, trusting him with whatever he was going to do to her. She closed her eyes as he kissed her on the lips. He had the most gentle kiss, she thought. It made her feel all mushy inside and made her ache for something, but she was unsure what it was.

Chase snuggled his body closer to her own and every touch seemed to melt her. He continued on that way. Exciting her with his touch and bringing her with him on the journey of pleasure.

Not everything was as pleasurable as his touch promised though, at the point when they actually combined their souls and bodies and became one, it hurt intensely. That bit of discomfort was quick and lead very quickly back to the promised love and pleasure. Faiyth got lost in the flow of their love and burst off the edge far to quickly. She trembled in his arms as she kissed him deeply. "I love ye," she murmured contently. Chase smiled down into the face of his future wife and felt complete. He couldn't live without her.

They woke the next morning wrapped in each others arms. Faiyth felt a little sore from their night of exploration, and Chase was quick to fetch her anything she desired. He helped her out of bed and into a fresh gown. He then called to the maid to come clean up the blankets, which were stained now with the proof of her love. She blushed bright red when she caught sight of the sheets and felt almost like apologizing.

Chase caught that look in her eyes quickly and chuckled. "Don't you even apologize, it was both our doing." He said.

She again blushed as she realized what he had meant. "I'm hungry, shall we go downstairs to breakfast?"

Chase smiled in amusement at his little woman and nodded, "yes lets go feed you."

Faiyth felt like she was literally floating down the stairs she was so happy. She had a permanent smile on her face and she just knew that the world was a brighter place because of Chase.

They dined together like a true couple, feeding each other and giggling like two people madly in love. They talked idly and laughed together when there was humor, Faiyth couldn't see anything for the love she felt for Chase. "Wha' shall we do today?" Faiyth smiled.

"Actually, there is a ball tonight and a grand feast. I mean to announce our wedding tonight at that very feast, so we should spend the day preparing." Chase grinned.

Faiyth beamed happily, excited to attend her first ball and to be able to share her happiness with all of Chase's friends. "Sounds excellent." She put forth.

Party! (Faiyth goes to a ball)

They spent the day picking what they would wear and it seemed to take hours to clothe her in her ball gown. The many contraptions she had to wear for the ball seemed vaguely different then the others she had worn. These pieces were far less forgiving and squeezed parts of her she wished to never be squeezed. Her hair took equally as long to pile atop her hair and adorn with flowers and gems. It seemed almost not worth the trouble it took to prepare for such a big event. When Claries was finally finished getting Faiyth ready, she stood and went to the window. The now darkening sky did nothing to appease her dislike of the day up til now. She was still excited for the ball, as she had never been to one before, but she disliked the preparations.

Chase popped through the door and smiled down at her approvingly. "You look great my dear." He admired. "Shall we?" He said, offering her his arm.

They went down to the carriage below and rode in silence towards the party. He helped her gracefully from the carriage and kissed her on the cheek before he helped her up the steps. "Now remember, don't say a word unless spoken too. I want to be the one to surprise them all and make the announcement at dinner." He said happily.

Faiyth nodded at him and smiled. She was very nervous, her skin was covered with goose bumps and she just knew her face was a bright red. People turned as they entered, and they all smiled fakely. She recognized some of the people she had met before and some that had been rude to her. She met the eyes of the old woman who had scorned her and she felt the glaring eyes of the woman she'd first seen in her hovel. They all didn't seem to like her, she decided. She hoped they would like her when they got to know her. She noticed that when the young women's eyes caught Chase they were all prim and proper, objects of intense beauty, lacking of any undesirable qualms. Faiyth was very sure she did not like all the fakeness in the room, but she decided if these were Chase's friends, she would make them her own as well. Chase bowed to a woman, Faiyth could only assume she was the one he'd told her was the hostess of this party. She curtsied prettily to the woman and let Chase led her away.

Honeymoons over (Faiyth learns more of life)

"Chase!" called a woman from behind them. "You will never believe who is here!" She giggled happily. "It's Jemerra! She's back!" The woman beamed.

All color had drained from Chase's face, his handsome eyes began searching the crowd. The woman giggled hideously as she flounced away, glancing back at Chase occasionally and pointing towards the dance floor. Chase's eyes followed the woman's excessive pointing and Faiyth knew exactly when Chase saw the woman named Jemerra. Faiyth's violet eyes caught the swan-like woman from across the room. She had the most amazing long black hair and eyes of glimmering green. Her body was covered in a deep emerald gown that hide barely a thing. She was an absolutely gorgeous creature, and Faiyth felt herself wondering what Chase and Jemerra's relationship was. She continued examining Jemerra from a afar, she noted that Jemerra was not nearly as petite as herself, but her curves made up for her less than whillowy frame. Faiyth looked up at Chase and caught the look of desire on his face. She felt her heart sink deep into her stomach as she remembered that look, she'd seen it the night before. Jemerra obviously had meant something to Chase. Faiyth watched sadly as Chase's hand slipped from hers. He stepped sideways to try and get a better view of Jemerra. She really was gorgeous, Faiyth knew she could never compete with such a well mannered lady. She quietly wandered away from Chase, towards a small crowd of girls who were all giggling crazily. "Oh can you believe it!" One purred while another one intoned, "She's back, he must be so happy to see her." A plump blonde gushed, "She said she didn't want him! Oh I wonder if they'll get back together!" They all giggled and waved their fans excitedly as they talked. "It's the greatest love story ever." Another one said dreamily.

So they did know each other, and they loved each other, so what did she herself mean to him, Faiyth thought? Faiyth watched Chase approaching the woman, and Faiyth knew completely what her fate would be when Jemerra's lovely green eyes met Chase's. They filled up with intense happiness and she took both his hands in her own. They stared at each other silently for many moments, and Faiyth felt her heart breaking within her chest. She had to go, she had to leave. She tried to look away when Chase leaned forward and kissed Jemerra's hand. Jemerra was beautiful, she was a true lady, Faiyth punished herself. She, Faiyth, would never be a real lady.. she would always be a parentless child, unwanted. Faiyth couldn't pull her eyes from them as they danced gracefully together on the dance floor. They looked like perfection. Like they had been created for each other. Faiyth gasped as she watched the woman flirting with Chase. Intense jealousy wound it's way around Faiyth, until she felt like screaming for them to stop. Instead of acting on her jealousy, Faiyth instead turned away and ran. She ran and ran until she reached the carriage. She called for the driver to take her home, when he stopped to question her about the location of her master, she cursed unladylike at him and told him to just go.

The carriage rocked angrily as it slide down the road back to Chase's house. What was she suppose to do, she thought? She couldn't stay with Chase when he got married to that ladylike woman. He wouldn't want her interfering. He obviously hadn't even noticed she'd left the party, he probably didn't care, she decided. She'd leave, she'd take the gifts he'd given her and leave. She deserved them, she cursed, for all he'd done to her. For breaking her heart, she would leave and take it all with her.

She threw her things haphazardly into a large burlap backpack and she grabbed a few of his things as well, out of spite. She ripped the sheets and covers on his bed and broke every candle lining the room into pieces. She ripped the rose petals on the bed in half and only after she felt she was finished with her revenge, did she leave. She ran again, blindly down the stairs and out the back door. She bolted through the night, not sure where she was going, but crying to hard to even see her direction. She stopped quietly as she neared a clearing, wiping the warm tears from her eyes. The pitch black darkness surrounded her and she suddenly realized she was afraid.

The angry midnight blue of the sky melted into a sad black haze on the horizon. A brutal wind swooped down through the great valley, sending the emerald blades of grass into a hypnotic dance. Faiyth stood quietly atop a rolling hill, her disarrayed silver hair caressed by the wind. Her watery violet eyes roamed the darkening skies around her, as if searching for something in their vast depths. She smoothed her tear stained ivory gown with a sigh and wiped at her tearful eyes before continuing to search the sapphire sky above. At finding nothing, she turned away, disappointment touching her face. "I need Stardust, where could he be?" She murmured, "I want to leave dis place, I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want Chase to eber hurt me again, I neber want my fadder ta hurt me again. I hate dem! I hate dem all! I jus' wanna go home to Blarghe, he will always lub me. Chase doesn't care fer me. Chase hates me. He wants Jemerra, she's prim n' proper. She's wha a real lady outta be. He's happier wif her, he was onl'a interested in me cause I was somefing new, somefing he'd neber seen afore." Faiyth cried. "I wanna go home!" She screamed angrily up at the sky. Her violet eyes flashed back towards Chase's home, hoping he didn't know she was leaving. She hoped he would miss her and suffer as much as he had made her suffer, but some how she felt he wouldn't even care. Better that she was gone, she decided. So he could begin his life with his new woman.

A gentle cry arose from the distance, and Faiyth felt herself shudder, unsure what it was. She heard the sounds of hooves touching ground, and realized it was Stardust. "Stardust!" She called, "Please! Take me away, please." She begged. She approached him sadly and climbed onto his back. "Take me anywhere but here.. take me away, take me far away." She gasped, fighting the tears again. "Neber bring me back." Stardust whinnied again in confusion, then lifted off, freeing Faiyth from her world of pain. Faiyth clutched to him tightly, wishing this night would end. She hugged close to Stardust and paid no mind to where they were headed.

Faiyth ripped the brilliant diamond engagement ring from her finger and glared at the item. It seemed like she was being teased, like she would never find happiness. She flung the ring out into the sky, watching it plummet as it fell down to the ground, only to shatter into pieces. She then began tearing at her silver choker, the one that had meant so much to her that she'd never taken it off since the night Chase had purchased it for her, but she couldn't bring herself to break it. She decided she'd keep this item, to remind her that you couldn't trust anyone with your heart, that love was just an illusion and it was better to never fall vicitim to it's cruelties again.

Stardust flew for a very long time, until the golden sun began rising over the hilltops. He swooped down through the valleys and landed in the middle of town. Faiyth climbed down from Stardust and gazed at the large well that stood in front of her. There was something very familiar about that well, something... she realized what well that was instantly. Blind hatred filled her again, and the tears came back at full force. Stardust nuzzled her, trying to comfort her from her rising fears.

"Fank ye Stardust." She said silently. "I dunno what I will do now.. but I will find a way ta become a lady." She swore. "I will hab all da nicest fings, I will hab da best gowns. I will be da lady Chase will neber be able ta hab. I hate him, I hate him so much." She muttered. "I hate him.." She wiped in frustration at her tears, using her sleeve to dry them from her eyes. "I'b learned my lesson." She said, "Neber again will I trust a man wif my heart. Lub is but an illusion meant ta tempt us into pain. Neber again will I lub, neber again will I allow a man ta possibly own me fhrough marriage. I'll become a lady, and I'll do it on me own!" She vowed.

Stardust lifted off again and began to fly circles around the well below. "It's strange, no matter what I always end up back all alone.." Faiyth said. She waved sadly up at Stardust and watched him as he disappeared into the horizon. She was alone, and she was cold, but she was a strong woman, and she swore to herself that she would live. She would protect her heart from all men and never trust a soul. She would become a proper lady with gowns galor, and she didn't care what it cost.

Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Kelly Hamilton (www.fernblossom.com)
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