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To Ride Pegasus:

Faiyth gripped tightly to the reins of her mare as she tried to balance with all her being. A erupt chuckling shot out from behind her. Faiyth glared over her shoulder at the man watching her learn to ride. "It's nae as easy as it looks, I'd like ye ta know!" Faiyth spat, trying to get her concentration back on balancing.

"It's not as hard as it looks either.." The man snickered.

"I'se neber rode a big ol' cow around before, so I'll kindl'a ask ye ta keep yer chuckles to yerself. I'll get da hang ov dis soon!" She grumbled.

"That was kind of obvious, but ol' Firestorm has always been a gentle mare and you'll get the hang of it I'm sure, but while you are.. I'm having the time of my life watching your clumsy attempts!" He burst out laughing again as Faiyth slid down the side of the horse and groped franticly for the saddle horn. She glared again at the man watching her with amusement lining his face, and pulled herself back upright. "This saddle is so hard.." She muttered almost to herself.

Faiyth was tired of this torment, all ladies could ride horses, and she was gonna do the best she could to ride a horse as well! May god be her witness! She glanced back at the man and nudged Firestorm into a trot, her body jolting up and down ungracefully. The man just started laughing all the harder at her.

Faiyth was completely fed up, she was gonna get this riding thing even if it killed her first! She nudged the horse again with her heels, shocking herself when the mare roared into a smooth canter. Faiyth felt somewhat free ontop of the horse, though balancing was still a problem, the saddle seemed to quake under her and slide around on the horses back. She hated how she'd seen everyone else ride their stallions all over the place. She should be able to do that too! So she just squeezed her legs tighter around Firestorm for support and gripped the reins tight in her hands. Of course, comically, the mare took this pressure on her flanks to mean her rider wanted to go faster, and so she bolted like a strike of lightning, shooting off away from the arena with Faiyth gripping helplessly to the saddle horn. She jumped over the gate and galloped towards the dense forests on the other side of the meadow. Faiyth collared and screamed for the horse to stop, but unlike Faiyth, Firestorm couldn't understand common tongue. So Faiyth squeezed even closer to the horse, unknowingly urging her to go faster. "Heee...llll...pp!" Faiyth cried as she was bounced around in the saddle. She opened her eyes long enough to look where she was headed as she whizzed around trees and over bushes.

Faiyth glanced up into the sky and watched as she outraced the very clouds in the sky. It felt exhilarating! She felt almost free running along the ground like this. She'd rather have had a little more control though.. So she flattened herself to the horses back and let the horse lead.

Soon Firestorm slowed down and Faiyth glanced about her, utterly lost now that she'd finally dismounted the rowdy ride she'd been on. She tied Firestorm to a tree and sat down on a rock to figure out where she was. Faiyth suddenly heard a loud screaming sound and jumped up to find out what it was. She raced towards the sound and came face to face with a tiny colt, but it had wings! It screamed again as it bolted by her, a hungry large cat at it's feet. The puma leapt on the tiny colt, crushing it to the ground. Faiyth walked up to the cat and kicked it off. The great cat turned emerald eyes on her and hissed, it's sleek muscles bunching together as if to pounce on her. She removed her stiletto and growled back at the great cat. A hungry smirk seemed to trace the mouth of the cat as it stalked slowly towards her, ready to attack at any moment, but she attacked first. She leapt forward, surprising the cat long enough to slide her stiletto deep into the side of the cat. With a hollow gasp the cat fell at her feet, a large lump of cooling fur. The colt dashed around, bucking and jumping around wildly. She quickly grabbed up a handful of grass and offered it to the baby colt. It gazed at her thoughtfully then slowly moved towards her. The colt ate all the offered grass, and two more handfuls before it was finally satisfied that Faiyth was safe enough. She petted the cute little thing and marveled at how soft he was.

She glanced up to survey the sky above, trying to think of what she should do with the colt who was all alone, and perhaps as lost as she was. Blinking, she looked again, examining the white object in the heavens more closely. Was it coming towards her? It surely didn't look like a cloud and was much to big to be a bird... then what was it? She watched it silently, with fear icing her stomach. She feared that it might be one of the dreaded Ice Dragons that she'd heard so many times about. With eyes of ruby and scales the color of pure white crystal they were a beauty to behold, but even beautiful things were deadly. The ice dragon could breath freezing ice and icicle projectiles that could even track the heat of your body when spewed freezing a person on the spot. Faiyth had never seen a dragon, and though she was curious, she wasn't about to chance a meeting with one.

She watched the object as it neared even closer, feathered wings sweeping around it's body. It wasn't a dragon thank god, but then.. what was it?

She jumped up as the animal landed. It's golden twined tail swishing around it. Sapphire eyes looked upon her wisely as the creature looked her over and folded it's massive feathered wings against it's body. "I... I um... I'se neber seen a creature as beautiful as ye before." Faiyth gasped. The animal just threw up it's head and whinnied at her. It looked like a horse, but it had large wings. Faiyth had never seen such an animal as this before. A deep purple harness of interwoven violets graced the animals long nose and twined around each ear. The animal reared up onto it's hind legs, pawing the air triumphantly, it's wings flaring out around it. The creature then stamped it's golden hoofs on the ground and snorted at her, peering at her as if it had a question.

Faiyth outstretched her hand towards the winged stallion, watching it for any signs of defiance. Her fingers slid into the plush white fur of the animal and soothingly rubbed the animal. The stallion raised his head, giving Faiyth pause, as it sniffed the air and glanced at the before forgotten mare and then at the tiny colt. Faiyth glanced at the strawberry colored mare and then back at the winged stallion. Was this the colts father? They looked so different, the colt had tiny wings with barely any feathers yet, while the father was huge, with more feathers then she cared to count.

"Dis must be yer baby... Do ye fink, since I sabed him, dat ye could take me home? Do ye know how to get me home great creature?" She asked. When the animal nodded it's head and bowed down onto it's front legs, Faiyth was confused. Did the animal want her to get on it's back? She'd had a hard enough time with the mare, what would happen when she was up in the sky on the back of a winged stallion?

Faiyth sauntered away from the Pegasus and untied the mare. Letting her loose to find her own way home. "Go home Firestorm, I'm gonna go fer a ride on a real libe pegasus."

She almost chuckled to herself as she thought about what she'd just said. A libe pegasus.. she, Faiyth, abandoned as a baby, was about to fly on the back of a pegasus. She stumbled back to the pegasus and slowly put her hand along the back of the pegasus wondering if it was safe to ride without a saddle. She called the colt to her and wrapped it within her arms. She sighed to herself and hoisted herself up onto the back of the majestic animal. She marveled at how she fit on so snug against the pegasus, finding herself not even needing to balance as she braced herself by twining her fingers in it's golden mane. "Giddup!" She called.

The pegasus stood back up straight and flared out it's magnificent sweeping wings. He jumped right into a gallop, pounding against the ground as he flapped his feathered wings around him. The pace grew faster and faster with each step and with a startling leap, the pegasus was airborne with it's new rider.

Faiyth gawked down below her, it was gorgeous! She could see the tiny babbling brooks streaming across the lush green fields below. She felt so free and alive, her hands outstretched around her as if trying to reach the sky. Her silver hair swished around her as the wind blew around her small frame. Over the horizon rose the town of Wehnimers, with a glistening midnight blue bay to the east. The sun splintered across the water, touching the surface with fingers of rich gold and vibrant yellow. Faiyth cried up into the wind, yelling to the world as the pegasus slowly descended towards the town.

With a abrupt swoop, the pegasus stopped in mid air, it's massive wings flapping wildly to hold them suspended. Faiyth pointed down towards the busy streets of Town Center, and the pegasus swung it's wings out and soared through the wind currents to the ground.

Gasps of amazement followed the landing of the magnificent beast. Eyes bulged as the pegasus folded it's wings in around it and bowed forward to let the little silver haired lady from it's back. She glanced around and dismounted, a self-pleased smile on her heart-shaped face. "Dat was da best!" She called to the pegasus, letting the baby pegasus down from her arms, "Oh I do hope I get lost again sometime."

The pegasus snorted comically at her and nudged her shoulder. She smiled at it and scratched his forehead, still in awe after the magical meeting. She curtsied to the pegasus and turned to walk away, but the pegasus followed her, it's golden hoofs click-clacking as it gave chase. She peered at the animal thoughtfully, was she it's master now? No, that couldn't be! Pegasus were free animals, they didn't belong to anyone but the clouds in the sky. So she bent forward and kissed the pegasus' muzzle. "Ye are free dear pegasus, ye kin fly da skys n' dance among da stars, why would ye want to stay wif me? Ye are ment to be free and wild my friend. But I shall always look forward to us meeting again, do not stay a stranger okay?" Faiyth stated. The Pegasus just stared at her, then glanced around him, noticing all the gawking stares. He nodded at Faiyth and nudged her hand. He seemed to understand what she was saying. So he reared, his wings flaring out around him as he leapt into the air, his wings flapping around him as he flew towards the heavens, the little colt flitting as best he could behind his father.

Faiyth watched them as they soared out of sight, still marveling at the meeting that had taken place that day. She felt as if she'd met a friend rather then a animal. Perhaps that was what she was doing wrong, perhaps she had such a hard time riding because she'd looked at Firestorm, the mare, as a object, and not a living breathing thing. Perhaps if she was to first make friends with her, the ride would be better for her.

She went to the stables a few weeks later and found that Firestorm had found her way home. She petted the beautiful mare on the muzzle and whispered to her, "I'm sorry that I treated you badly dear Firestorm, but I wanted so much to impress my friends with how "I" am a real lady, but instead I treated you badly. Rich green eyes gazed back at her in a forgiving way. Faiyth realized that she had to watch out for other people and creatures feelings in her pursuit to become a real lady, but she would always love her new pegasus friend, whom she'd promptly named Stardust, for teaching her that life was about people. She kissed Firestorm on the nose and offered her a handful of grain, which was promptly gobbled up.

Faiyth walked out into the bright sunlight and looked around, her eyes drifting up into the heavens to look for her pegasus. She began thinking of the looks she'd been getting lately, people were upset that she had somehow tamed a pegasus. She'd even gotten into a fight with a local stable hand that having a pegasus around would make people want to ride real horses less. Faiyth didn't believe how everyone was butting into her business. Was there truly anything wrong with having made friends with a pegasus? Just then Stardust landed in front of her, and nuzzled against her shoulder. Behind him was the tiny figure of the colt, wings having mastered the art of flying. "Greetin's ye two!" Faiyth cooed, "how hab ye been?"

Stardust just whinnied in response and threw his head back, while the colt bucked and pranced around her. Faiyth loved how they always seemed to be talking back to her. She ran a hand along Stardust's soft white body and then climbed up onto his back. "Lets Ride!" She called and the trio took off into the sky.

Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Magyss (www.magyss.com)
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