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Father Wicked:

The moon struggled against the dark midnight black sky as it fought in it's endless quest to shed light on the world below. The very stars seemed to wink menacingly from the dark blanket of darkness. A pair of glowing green eyes pierced the intense black void of the night, blinking sinisterly against the backdrop of twilight. A intense hiss rose above the landscape, and the blinking green eyes disappeared into the night. The silent clatter of hoofs shook the darkness as a large black stallion pranced into view, atop his massive frame was a man, his hair a ruffled black while his eyes shone from his face as a deep violet. His twisted smile quickly turned in a sinister smirk as his brilliant eyes fell upon a tiny farm ahead in the road.

"Yaw.." he called to the fearsome stallion, leading him slowly towards the farm house that skirted the road.

The house rose nervously around the surrounding terrain, the night obscuring it with shadows. Long ivy tangled it's fingers across the front of the house, seeming to hold it captured in it's dark green brilliance. The man dismounted from his horse, tethering him to a nearby hitch. His violet eyes danced over the house, taking in the majesty of the setting. He made his way towards the house, his silent footsteps following. A great commotion was heard after he delivered his first knock. Loud shrill footsteps tranced their way to the door and it opened to him. His smirking eyes were the last thing the man who'd answered the door would see.

He glanced back at his horse, then stepped over the fallen form of the man, making his way into the house. His violet eyes quickly took in the huddled forms of a young girl and her mother, their bodies pressed hard against the nearby wall.

"A pleasure M'ladies." He said, his wicked lips turning up in a mocking smile. The women didn't move an inch, they continued to stare at him in horror. He rolled his eyes to himself and laughed.

"B..lake.." The childs mother said in shock.

He laughed with a nod, "So you do remember me Eternity.." His voice sinister over the whimpers of the child at her side. Eternity was a beautiful woman, with hair of silver, like that of some rare gem. The women in this world usually had silver hair, but Eternity made having silver hair look like a miracle cast on any woman it graced. He cursed himself for letting his mind take him off of his quest. His eyes slide towards the small child at Eternity's side. "And what is your name young lady?" Blake said as he pulled the young girl away from her mother, taking her in with his violet eyes.

She looked up at him with vibrant violet eyes, the same shade as his. "I'm Fidelity, sir, why did you hurt my daddy?" Her tiny face promised that she would later be a great beauty and was framed by curly silver locks. Blake couldn't help the touch of warmth he felt for the tiny girl who didn't know yet that she was his daughter. So it was true.. he had had doubts about the story Eternity had given him before she'd left, now he knew that she must have lied when she deserted him nearly 7 years ago, but seeing his daughter there in front of him, he knew the truth now. He glanced up at Eternity, his eyes flashing a bright purple in the pale moonlight.

"You lied to me..This girl is my daughter.. how dare you keep such a secret from me." His lips turned up into a smirk again. "I'll be taking her with me." A flash drew Eternity's eyes down to Blake's side, he held a dagger which gleamed with the still warm blood of her late husband. She glanced at the fallen form at the doorstep, then glared back at Blake.

"You will never take my daughter, she is none of your business."

Blake glared back at her, his handsome face now holding a look of intense hatred. He swung his arm, sinking the dagger up to it's hilt into Eternity's side. The deep crimson blood bubbled from the wound in her side, proving that Blake had struck a lung. He smiled proudly to himself, she would no longer keep him and his daughter apart, and she would never again lie to him.

His dark eyes fell on his silver haired daughter and he smiled. He would remember his late lover Eternity through his daughter Fidelity. Fidelity's eyes weren't so warm though, her eyes were pale with pain. Her mother and her father lied dead in the same room in front of her.

Blake reached down and took Fidelity's tiny hand into his, "Come Fidelity, it's time to go home." Blake said chillingly.

"But.." Fidelity started, about to say that she was already home. Blakes cold eyes stopped her before she could finish her sentence. She was only 7, but she suddenly felt grown up. She was now alone except for this man Blake, who called her "daughter". She was afraid of what would come now, would he kill her too?

The nights chilly darkness broke with the awakening of the rich golden sun, brilliant rays fell down upon an open field atop a thriving mountain. Huge towering pine trees dotted the hillside and a young woman laid in the middle of the field. Mounds of wildflowers bloomed around her, offsetting her shimmering silver hair with their rich hues. Her violet eyes gazed forlornly up into the sky, watching the fluffy clouds as the floated along against the vibrant blue sheet. Fidelity wished she could float like that, to just fly away from all her troubles. She closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of the thriving wildflowers. She yawned then, glancing up as the sun dozed behind a lazy cloud in the sky. "I better get back home to father, he'll begin to worry." She rose from her place among the brilliantly colored wildflowers, brushing grass and dirt from her bright blue dress.

The door nervously creaked open and Fidelity's face peeked around the corner of the door. She let her breath out happily when she noticed her father was not inside. She made her way towards her room and flopped down onto her bed. Her eyes traced over the drab decorations within her room. A few dead flowers graced her wooden dresser, while a painting she had once did shrunk against the bare wooden wall. Her mind traced back in time and relived the night her father had come to claim her. She shook her head sadly, wishing the incident had never happened. Her father was a roamer, a cad, and a cruel person. He was always looking for another woman to warm his bed, but had long since found out that having a young daughter was more of a curse then a reward. Many of the women he was able to talk into coming with him would soften right up to goo when they met his 16 year old daughter who was motherless. She was a rare gem, his Fidelity, but as she grew up, she was becoming harder to control. He was having a hard time stealing, raping, and killing people with her always watching over his shoulder and playfully scolding him when he did something immoral. He'd knocked her down a few times for her scolding, which had earned him unpleasant "looks" from her eyes rather then scolds from then on. She sighed and snugged against her hay bed. She wished she could leave.

The front door slammed loudly and a feminine giggle rang out about the silence of the house. Fidelity had long ago learned to shut her door and just let her father do his thing. She was only intruding if she came out. So she quickly got up and closed her door, listening to the couple making their way to her fathers room, she closed her eyes and covered her ears quickly, hoping not to hear anything more.

Fidelity woke up that morning with a yawn, glancing around her room she noticed that her door was slightly open. Her father must have come to check on her after his tumble with the woman last night. She slowly got up and listened silently at the door for signs of the couple being up before she went out of her room and quickly left the house. Brilliant violet eyes fell upon her as she walked out into the forest. Blake didn't know where she went each day, and he couldn't really be angry with her because she stayed out of his life while she was gone. He wondered how he could get rid of her. He'd thought earlier about giving her over to Dillian Grense, one of his gang. They'd been quite the terror on the town they lived in when they were teenagers. Dillian had to be about 30 now, and he'd told Blake once about his interest in bedding Fidelity. Blake wasn't sure if he felt ready to give his daughter over to Dillian, there had to be a something better. He glanced back at the woman's form on his bed and smirked, he'd have to think this over later, right now he was too busy for his daughter.

Fidelity glanced down the sheer face of the cliff and thought. Would it be so wrong to just jump off? She'd be with her mother at least, and would no longer have to be alone. She gulped in a breath of air, leaning forward as she leapt from the top of the cliff. She clawed at the air helplessly as she fell, her eyes focusing on the ground as it steadily got closer. She gazed up at the sky, watching it as she fell until she couldn't take it anymore and she closed her eyes. She felt herself pound down as she hit, but as her eyes opened against the blinding pain, she realized it wasn't ground she had hit. Huge feathered wings flapped around her, a mane of silver-shot hair streamed into her face. Fidelity stared thoughtfully at the hair, then at the head of the beast. She pulled herself up onto the back of the creature, her legs resting along the sides of the stallion, or was it? It looked like a horse, but with wings. Fidelity didn't know what to expect. She'd never seen a horse with wings before. The bright sun shone down on her as she balanced on the back of the winged creature. She gazed down at the ground as it passed quickly under her. Her mind quickly worked as she formed a thought, she could escape her father on the back of this flying horse. She gazed up at the brilliant golden sun above her and smiled for the first time in a long while. "Fly away winged stallion, fly as far as your wings will carry you." The Pegasus flapped his wings wildly and then flared them out, soaring over the countryside as it went. It's tail swished wildly behind it as it flew, it's legs kicking wildly at the air. Down it flew, the ground coming closer as it came in for a landing. A babbling brook dotted the ground below them, and as the Pegasus neared the ground, the babbling brook turned into a roaring river. With a jolt the trio landed on the ground. Fidelity flung herself off the Pegasus and stared at him. "Thank you." She couldn't think of any other words that would better describe what she felt. She felt free for once in her life. She bowed her head in thanks and then smiled at the Pegasus. It reared up on it's hind legs, pawing the air triumphantly. A small downy feather floated down from the air, a memento of the magical ride she had just been taken on. She held her hands out for it as it floated down and landed in her palms.

Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Magyss (www.magyss.com)
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