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Web of Lies Saga
Book 1:

The web of lies saga follows the story of Faiyth, a fifteen year old elven girl.

Fifteen years ago, Faiyth was abandoned as a newborn by an assassin who'd balked at killing her. Now an outcast in a remote village at the peak of the Dragonsclaw mountains, her adoptive family, the Aletno, consider her a freak. Tired of her "family's" verbal and physical abuse, Faiyth demands answers of her guardian. But soon, questions of her towering height and different coloring lead to a secret that her so called "family" has been hiding for years -- sheís not one of them at all, she's an elf.

Enraged by their deception, Faiyth's turbulent emotions unleash the powerful magic inside her, severely burning a young boy and leaving him near death. Banished for her crime, Faiyth travels to a faraway elven city, resolute to find out who she is and where she came from. Soon she's making friends and attracting the attention of an advanced magic teacher, who begins training her in magic Though controlling her unruly powers proves difficult, she begins to excel. With her dream of fitting in on the verge of coming true, she couldn't be happier...until her magic lashes out again, injuring a boy who'd been bullying her and she earns herself a powerful and deadly enemy.

When attempts are made on her life, her main focus becomes protecting her loved ones from the crossfire. With her teacher battered by an attack dragon and her new friends burned in a magic-fueled fire, things are quickly getting out of control. But when Faiyth comes face to face with the killer, his accusation that her unstable magic killed her mother, making her a dangerous liability, leaves her reeling. Now she's left wondering which of them is the hero and which is the villain. Because with her magic still proving dangerous and unwieldy, the world might just be safer with her dead.

Below is the first chapter to wet your appetite. ;)


Her mommyís soft humming relaxed her, filling her with warmth. As her blurry newborn eyes focused on the familiar face stationary before her, she felt content. Here was her mother, the woman whose blue eyes shone with a love that was irrefutable. Though her motherís gaze lingered for a while, it wasnít long enough, for it was the last mutual look the two would share. Her mother wouldn't live past sunset.

"Iíve a dear little dolly," her mommy sang, lifting her from the soft covers of her bassinet.

Blowing bubbles, she attempted to lift her head and gaze at her motherís face, but it was futile. Her heavy head fell back, leaving her staring at the ceiling. Waving her hands, she kicked at her motherís arm to express her frustration.

When a knock came at the door, her mother frowned. "Iím not expecting anyone."

Her mother carried her to the closed door and paused to stare at it, her teeth worrying her bottom lip. "Yes?"

When the knock came again, with no verbal response from the other side, her mother took a sudden step back. "Go away!"

Silence filled the room for a long moment, before the knocking came again, loudly reverberating through the room.

Her mother dashed to the bedroom and began opening cabinets and drawers frantically, jostling her. When her mother unceremoniously shoved her into a drawer, her newborn eyes scrunched with distress and she waved her hands, scratching her face.

"Iím sorry, honey. Please, stay quiet. You must not cry," Her mother whispered, her eyes filling with tears. "I love you."

As the drawer was thrust shut, locking her inside, her world was cast into darkness. She waved her hands and kicked her feet, trying fruitlessly to cry, but was unable to utter a sound. When a loud crash filled the silence, she froze, startled.

"Go away!" her mother screamed.

"Where is it?" a deep voice growled.

"I donít know what youíre talking about."

"Where, Rilessa?"

Silence filled the blackness of her hiding place, making her want to cry again. She hated the dark.

"You wonít save it. Iíll find it with or without you."

Her motherís cries filled the silence, followed by a weak whimper of agony. "You canít have her," came her motherís pained voice.

Another crash came and the world was abruptly filled with the sounds of destruction. When she was finally able to cry again, her pitiful mewling was too quiet to overpower the tempest that existed outside her dark safe haven.

When silence again reined, she listened for the soft humming of her mother, but her voice was absent. Instead, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps as they paced the room. "Where are you little girl?" a deep voice whispered, the tone icy and threatening.

When the footsteps approached her hiding place, she waved her hands, excited to see her mother again. But her world stayed dark, even when the drawer above her was jerked open.

"Where is it?"

"Is everyone alright in there?" Came a quiet new voice. "Thereís been noise complaints."

"Damn," the deep voice whispered, annoyance obvious. "Another time. That is, if you survive the fire..."

"Miss? Are you okay? Miss?" Asked the muted voice. "Miss! Oh my gods! Fire!"

The voice alarmed her and she began to cry, but she went ignored. The choking smell of smoke filled the darkness and sleep began creeping up on her, overtaking her senses. She slept like babies do, hard and deep, until her world was shaken and the darkness receded, startling her awake and making her cry again. When the drawer was opened and an old man stared down at her with shock, she was hungry, she was wet, and she wanted her mommy. But her newborn desires were in vain; her motherís lifeless corpse was lying in the fire-engulfed hallway like a broken doll.


Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Kelly Hamilton (www.fernblossom.com)
You see Faiyth.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is of petite stature and appears to be young and sprightly. She has thickly lashed almond-shaped misty lilac eyes and flawless petal-soft caramel toned skin. She has long, vibrant, multi-toned silver hair tumbling down to her thighs in a cloud of tousled loose curls. She has a triangular face accentuated by high cheekbones. She has generous, heart-shaped lips that boast a natural raspberry pigment.
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