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Web of Lies Saga
Book 2: Secrets

Things have been looking up for Faiyth. She's got a boyfriend, her magic is coming along, she's close to finding her father, and she hasn't accidentally hurt anyone for months.

But suddenly things explode into turmoil when she discovers she has a new power, a dark one and her magic is harder than ever to control.

Soon another love interest introduces himself and Faiyth becomes torn between her boyfriend and the boy who puts fire in her blood.

When the truth of her parentage is revealed, Faiyth's life falls into ruins and her life is once again in danger. This time, her own blood relative wants her dead and someone dear to her will be killed in the crossfire. Now she must best the very magic she's embraced, before it consumes her with evil.

Portrait of Faiyth, Created by Kelly Hamilton (www.fernblossom.com)
You see Faiyth.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is of petite stature and appears to be young and sprightly. She has thickly lashed almond-shaped misty lilac eyes and flawless petal-soft caramel toned skin. She has long, vibrant, multi-toned silver hair tumbling down to her thighs in a cloud of tousled loose curls. She has a triangular face accentuated by high cheekbones. She has generous, heart-shaped lips that boast a natural raspberry pigment.
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